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Live albums seem to be an avenue that many 'heritage acts' go down these days with mixed results. If you are a fan of Y&T or the name is unfamiliar to you then this is definitely one that stands out from the crowd. It will either transport you back in time or introduce you to one of the hard rock greats that should be a much, much bigger name.



Y&T are one of my personal favourite hard rock bands, honest, real, meat and potatoes hard rock, like you don’t find too often. One of my many musical regrets is that I’ve only seen them a handful of times over their long career; and so an album like this is always going to be at the very least of passing interest; and hopefully turn out to be a real gem. Live albums though... not like they used to be are they?



Well actually in this case maybe they are as if there is one thing that ‘Live at the Mystic’ proves it’s that Y&T 2012 is as strong as they ever were in the live arena. 



What you get here is both a trip down memory lane and a reminder that the band is still producing quality rock and roll. The way that older tracks like ‘Black Tiger” and “Meanstreak” sit comfortably with new material like “Shine on” and “Blind Patriot”; is testament to the fact that this isn’t just a band resting on its laurels; it is a band that can still crank it out today.



The best thing about this album though is that you get the best of the old and the new and if you are a Y&T fan that’s great news, even better if you are a casual observer in that the quality of every song here shines through.



‘Rescue Me’ is up there with the greatest hard rock songs ever written and I cherish the 7” single Mr Meniketti signed for me all those years ago and when you hear that belt out of the speakers you realise exactly what the power of music can be. Transported through the years to when you were a kid and music still was such a memorable experience, I pity the kids today that don’t get out and see live music and think a bursting hard drive is the same as a record collection.



Like great live albums of the past this is as good a representation of the band and its catalogue as you are likely to find. I love my “Open Fire Live” from 1985 but to be honest I think this double set is just as valid and just as good. I truly hope that the sadly passed Phil Kennemore is looking down and smiling and suspect that he is.


by Mark Diggins