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Wall Street

Frontiers Records

Released June 2012





OK brace yourselves… the already converted have nothing to worry about apart from having a good time with the new Wig Wam release. The uninitiated need to get off their asses, listen and join the Wig Wan clan…



If you love melodic rock with huge hooks and a ‘nothing but a good time’ attitude then Wall Street delivers in greenbacks. Don’t expect a cutting expose of the greed that brought America to its knees though.



Opener ‘Wall street’ was in truth never going to be a cutting insightful treatise on money power and greed but it’s a bloody good Wig Wam stamped rocker that eases the tension that anything may have changed at the home base. As far as the sound we have come to know and love is concerned this is Wig Wam all present and correct delivering sweet Scandinavian melodies for what ails you on hot Summer night.



The album is more like a Rock Opera on the subject of the root of all evil – money than it is a serious political comment. ‘OMG’ rocks like the opener before we step it down a little for ‘Victory is Sweet’; which in truth underwhelms just a little. We’re back on track though with the satirical stomp of ‘The Bigger the Better’.



Once you get the in-joke or theme of the album you get a feel for the lyrics which at time shit the note at others feel a little shoe-horned in.  Irrespective of the lyrical content tough we are on to a winner here.  ‘Bleeding Daylight’ is a swirling Wig Wam epic that brings all the elements of what we love about the Wam together: nice vocal, searching guitar and a majestic whole.



Elsewhere there’s a fair bit of real Wig Wam gold: ballad ‘Tides Will Turn’ has an almost Queen-like texture to it; and is one of the sure-fire winners. ‘Wrong Can Feel So Right;’ is also a pretty decent stab at good time old fashioned rock and roll too, that completely strays from the theme.  ‘Natural High’ hits the spot too with a spot of laid-back melody.



Of everything on offer here though it’s perhaps the closing track ‘Things Money Can’t Buy’ that makes one of the biggest impacts with some truly wonderful guitar bringing us into the song. There’s a point when you wonder when the vocals will kick in just before you realise they just didn’t need to and that is how you write and place an instrumental.  



In essence what you get here may not be Wig Wam’s greatest album, but it’s certainly nothing to disappoint and ranks as one of their most consistent releases so far. Let’s hope this gets the attention it deserves and elevates them to that next level.



By Mark Diggins