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1.Talk of the Town

2. Sweet Saturday nite

3. Private Hell

4. Share My Pain

5. Summer Teaze

6. Come Dance With Me

7. Nasty Girl

8. 4 the Love of Rock n Roll

9. Feed My Obsession

10. Since U Been Gone



Mark won’t review this one as he says it’s too old but from him I understand that the band will be back in the studio this August to record their follow-up album. I’m a little nervous to be honest as I know he loves his Swedish Sleaze and have no idea what he thinks of these guys, but he gave me a clue in that along with the CD he sent me a copy of the demo from 2005…




The first thing that strikes you is that this is definitely a release with both feet planted in the late eighties, the second thing is that Vanity Blvd’s female lead singer definitely can sing, indeed she reminds me of  a cross between Lorraine Lewis of Femme Fatale and a softer-edged version of Sally Cato from Smashed Gladys.



Musically you know what you are in for from the get go and if I’m totally honest whilst everything is well-executed some of the songs are just better than others here.




‘I find that ‘Talk of the Town’ that opens is a little too glossy if anything, but it’s well-executed and certainly lays out the goods.  ‘Sweet Saturday Nite’ that follows it maybe a little too predictable; but ‘Private Hell’ is more like it. Now don’t get me wrong all three songs are perfectly fine and it’s maybe just a cse of personal preference.




So after a competent start the question is do we lift or tail off? The answer comes with ‘Share My Pain’ (one of four songs also on the demo) that even has me thinking of some of the better modern bands like Crazy Lixx.  These guys are actually pretty damn good.




‘Summer Tease’ is again more eighties hard rock than Swedish Sleaze, a dab of Poison maybe, but with equal measures of say Feme fatale or maybe Danger Danger.




The rest of the album is a joy.  




We see a change of pace for power-ballad ‘Come Dance With Me’ which underlines the quality of Cindi’s vocals; while ‘Nasty Girl’ is a likeable bit of ‘hair metal’ nonsense that will have the feet tapping. There’s even a bluesy feel to ‘4 the Love of Rock and Roll’ that owes a lot to bands like Poison. 




This is modern day Hair Metal or Eighties Rock rather than Sleaze if we are going to use out-dated tags, it’s not dirty like Crashdiet, not pop like Reckless love but somewhere between the two…




It makes you wonder what would have happened back in 2008 with some sort of real promotion, too good to be forgotten…




Can’t wait for the new CD. 





By Leslie Phillips