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Hail to the River Gods




Triggerman’s third slab of dirty heavy rock is probably their best yet. If you aren’t familiar with these Northern Irish merchants of mayhem but you like your music heavier than lead and your vocals darker than treacle and riffs thicker than the trunks of ancient trees then lend them your ears.


I always saw Triggerman as the European answer to the US band Clutch, with less subtlety and more crunch: and here that kind of stacks up, but somehow seems like an over simplistic explanation of music you could hammer nails into walls with.


This album is heavy as a well-fed elephant, with riffs that bludgeon you slowly and grooves that grind down your will to do anything more than submit. Baps’ voice and spoken word approach may still leave some wondering if he can indeed hold a tune, and part of the initial joy of this one is seeing if he will break into song. He doesn’t you’ll be glad to know, as the spoken words just seem to hold much more power, and somehow seem more immediate and honest.  


Opener ’Rage of the Goddess’ is all heavy boogie with menacing guitars with equally menacing prose, this is probably how rock music should sound, and probably would sound if you stripped away the ‘image’ and got back down to the meat and bones and gravy of it.


The great thing about Triggerman is what you see (and hear) is what you get. There’s no gimmick and now desire to do anything other than make heavy music that nods to the gods of metal and tips a hat at the blues. There’s not a bad track here and stylistically if you like the opener you will like the closer and everything in between. If you need the distraction of something different it’s not here, Triggerman does just find doing what they do.


So who is it for? Scary men with beards? Perhaps it is, but who’s to say that scary men with beards don’t have a great sense of style and refinement and wouldn’t let us join in? I’m sure we all enjoy a tankard or ale or two, and this is certainly music to drink beer to for sure…


So whether its the enormous grooves of ‘Th'on Strange Brew’ or the strangely angry ancient sea shanty that drives the vicious attack of 'The Flower Of Life' or maybe the ode to over-drinking that is 'Wake The Dead'; even the enormous chopper that comes out for ‘Rise of the Woodsmen’… The point is it’s all good.


No bring me my ale and my axe and tell me some more stories about those River Gods…


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Mark Diggins