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1 Every Inch of You

2 Nothin's Gonna Stop Us

3 With a Woman

4 Keep Me Hangin' On

5 Living Each Day Blind

6 Everybody Have a Good Time

7 She Just a Girl, Eddie

8 Forbidden Love

9 Concrete

10 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

11 Love Is Not the Answer


Track-list may vary depending on which ‘deluxe’ version of this you purchased!




The Darkness IS A BAND THAT YOU IMAGINE REVELS IN THEIR ABILITY TO SPLIT OPINION AMONGST ROCK FANS. On this their third album they seem to be picking up exactly where their debut classic 'Permission to Land' left off...



If you think of ‘Every Inch of You’ as a call to arms/story so far’ here we are again placegetter aside from the lyrical dexterities essentially what you have is a fairly traditional chug-along rocker that won’t necessarily knock both socks off but at least allays fears that what we might be getting is a Darkness/Hot Leg/Stone Gods hybrid – God forbid!



‘Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us’ is of course that rock meets pop meets OTT extroverted escapist good time rock and roll that is either so appealing about the Darkness if you are a fan or so cringe-worthy of you aren’t! FoR me it should have kicked us off here.



The interesting thing for me is that hearing half of the tunes here live in the US back in May I’m sat here listening, nodding but also thinking that these songs sound even better live!
The wandering bass-line that ‘With a Woman’ sits on and harmony vocals that envelop it reveal quite a song; and ‘Keep Me hanging On’ is interesting in that it actually seems to look further back than the eighties for its DNA.



One of my favourites though is the slowly building ‘Living Each Day Blind’ – a real Darkness epic with some of the best guitar on the album and an understated chorus. ‘She Just a Girl, Eddie‘ too is all class and all rather power-pop/ It’s all good.



The best here? Hard one to call, but the cascading ‘Forbidden Love’ and rockier tracks like ‘Concrete’ grab you by the balls and give them a gentle squeeze.  Then of course there’s the anthemic ‘Nothin's Gonna Stop Us’ and party-time call to arms of ‘Everybody Have a Good Time’. The cover of Radiohead’s ‘Street Spirit’ is of course also resplendent in its metal glory but we’ve known that for a million years so it seems a bit obvious to point it out now…



These Hot Cakes are pretty tasty, so handle with care and get them while they’re fresh… OK now it’s time to resume that plan to take over the world… didn’t it involve spandex and a spaceship?