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Impressive live on stage at Rocklahoma this year: Soulicit is a band you really should check out, but just to make sure let’s see what they sound like in the studio…


We start off with a foot-stomping, fist-pumping anthem ‘Hell Yeah’, put simply, it’s just a great song, and seems to be getting the band much deserved airplay. Soulicit’s sound is very much in-keeping with current American radio rock’s template, but manages to capture that timeless ‘feel’ that will please rockers of all generations. Modern undoubtedly, but with enough substance and style to grab your attention. We’re looking at something along the lines of a slightly less-sleazy Buckcherry or Saving Abel. It’s just the right kind of start.


‘Beauty Queen’ is another great song and to be honest these days 2 out of 2 to open is almost enough to make a decent release in these days of downloads, but the boys have more in the tank. The sound may be familiar but when it’s done well and done consistently you tend to take notice. The fact that this CD has been in the car for a couple of months now (which is my excuse for the late review) says a lot.


The funkier, laid back title track actually sounds a little like Kid Rock meets Hinder, definitely something you would hear on the radio and with a beat that sticks with you, it’s another well-written song that makes you realise that these guys just have that knack of writing accessible tunes. Slower number ‘Complicated’ is a ballad very much in the Hinder-vein and is one of my favourite songs here. It’s not all plain sailing though and where it fails it’s only really because they try too hard ‘You are the Song’ is one of those songs I think I would have kept back until I’d worked out what was missing. As it is here it sounds a little ‘by-numbers’.


Elsewhere ‘Blow Me Away’ is pretty good and slower number ‘Getting High’ sounds great and is one of those songs that you really do start to think that a few years down the track they could have really evaluated this one above the crowd, they will get there though and it shows that they can produce the raw materials. ‘Time to Fly’, another slower one is a song I have similar feelings about.  
If you are looking for a new band that has a great sound and a collection of songs that keep you going back for more then check them out. I can confirm that they put on a decent live show too.
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Mark Diggins