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serial killer smile

the elephant in the room ep







Perth’s own Serial Killer Smile eluded me live until recently when I caught them on a bill with a heap of other cool, what you might term, ‘alt-rock’ bands.  They’re very good in that arena.



Taking a phrase that has become increasingly in the news in the last year or so, but which was actually coined back in the 50’s to describe something huge and obvious that you really shouldn’t ignore SKS has created an EP that they are obviously hoping is a bit like that elephant in that it’s something that you really shouldn’t be able to ignore. So how big do they get?



EITR is a 5 track EP of what most would tag as alternative rock, that most convenient of tags for all things with ‘interesting’ vocals and guitars that aren’t either hard rock or metal.



‘Song of a Baker’ that opens is nice enough if a little underwhelming: just a modern rock song with light and shade and all the dynamics you have heard a million times before, with a few unnecessary strings thrown in for extra ‘cool’.  It does get more interesting from there though: ‘Version’ sounds almost as if it belongs somewhere else, it’s certainly a livelier beast than anything else here. And it makes you wonder if we’ll hear more like this in the future.



The stand out track is of course the previously released single ‘The Irrepressible’ like Placebo meeting a busload of eighties UK indie bands on the Karnivool tour bus. Now I’m sure some people who haven’t been listening to music for the past 30 years will love this: though people of a certain age will find it startlingly like a lot of other modern rock bands out there, a little chewy with a slightly artificial flavour.




Take one Karnivool CD smash together with one Katatonia CD, stir and repeat…  Now that sounds great to some and positively awful to others, but which camp do you lie in? Whichever, nice as it may be I’m not sure this EP constitutes an elephant though… maybe more like a medium sized horse…





By Mark Diggins