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sonic station

frontiers records

february 2012






The only issue with the release last year on Frontiers of the wonderful slab of West Coast AOR that was ‘In Progress’ by Work of Art is that you tend to judge contemporary releases in the same genre against such an album.



While the Sonic Station album has a lot to recommend it, it simply isn’t another ‘In Progress’. Having said that if you are a fan of the genre then Sonic Station take you on a rather comfortable ride through ‘easy-listeningville’.



As with a lot of West Coast the real appeal outside of the genre comes down to cross-over and where Work of Art managed with some simply outstanding songs, to get a lot of us at The Rockpit all excited, Sonic Station is more an album for the purists. Or put simply the songs just don’t have that broader appeal.



Co-conspirators Alexander Kronbrink (Swedish guitarist, composer and producer) and Marika Willstedt (a well known artist and session musician in Sweden after appearing as pianist and team leader in a prime time TV-show) tread the rather calm waters that once saw the likes of Steely Dan (there is a detectable jazz influence), Toto, Kenny Loggins, Chicago and Mr Mister grace.



Vocal duties are shared between: Marika, Kristoffer Fogelmark, Magnus Bäcklund and Tove Lo and all do a credible job, though I would have loved to hear a little more passion rather than a uniform smoothness.



In truth Sonic Station is a pretty nice listen, it’s sure to please fans of the genre, but at the same time I’m not sure it has that broader appeal. Songs to watch out for include the seventies balladeer feel that pervades ‘Hold On To Me’; the Foreigner-like ballad ‘The Most Beautiful Fear’ and the Toto-lite ‘Never Let The Sunshine Die’.It’s a smooth ride as I said, so kick off those slip-on shoes (they have to be white leather), pour yourself a nice crisp glass of Sauvignon-Blanc, get the cheese to room temperature and ease back into those satin sheets...




By Mark Diggins