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Describing themselves as an 'alternative metal' band it's a treat to stumble upon a band like 'No Room to Breathe' There's a power, an honesty, a depth and a clarity about them that is hard to put a label on. There are elements of traditional and modern metal, punk, prog and thrash that makes this an interesting and rewarding listen.




Opening track ‘No More’ does what all first tracks on EP’s should do – it grabs your attention and keeps it. This is how good modern metal could and should sound, it’s got that spark so many bands fail to capture in the quest to capture the ‘sound’.




Sadly 'Lap Dog' stumbles just into 'cookie monster' territory, but only just, and it's one of the very few songs with those kind of vocals I have EVER liked. Somehow you feel it didn't need it, but it worked, and finally a song that harnesses the power with being utterly unintelligible!




'Unable' is lighter and airier, almost hypnotic with bursts of restrained powerand for me is one of the defining moments on the EP.




‘Clinch’ is another slower song again with beautiful understanding of pace, space and dynamics. And it’s probably on this track more than any other that you realise how comfortable you are with the vocals.




‘Public Light’ ups the pace and is firmly in ‘growl’ territory; it turns from promising into a song you’ve heard a thousand times before by a thousand faceless, hairy bands plodding the nu-metal/thrash treadmill.




‘Bleeding Again’ may be heavy as hell, and may contain more of those growls but again it’s a song of substance that even allows it to carry these metal clichés without bowing under the weight of ‘heard it all before’.




A lot of the charm of this EP comes from that the fact it does sound fresh and whilst it hits a lot of cliché buttons there’s clearly enough creative juice and talent in the band to make you feel that with the right breaks these guys won’t just be one of the also-rans.




There’s enough spark on this EP to make you think that ‘No Room’ may just be a contender in the making…




By Leslie Phillips