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Rock N Roll Revival








I must admit to only really having a passing acquaintance with Loverboy. They never really clicked with me when I was younger, too clean, too slick – when I liked my rock epic or dangerous. These days I can handle this ort of thing…


Just to put you in the picture in ‘Rock and Roll Revival’ we have an album that comprises re-recorded ‘classics’ and adds three new songs – the album kicks off with the new ones.


We git play and the first thought is that this does sound as dated as you expect or maybe hoped it would, with big keyboards parping their refrain throughout opener and title track ’Rock n Roll Revival’. I must admit to having complete mixed reactions to it too, initially I cringed as soon as the keys came in (the guitar and drums sounded like they were laid down in 1983 but I could handle that). I also knew that lyrically ‘revival’ was going to be rhymed with ‘survival’ and yet despite all this, I was humming along by the end of it, so go figure!


‘No Tomorrow’ is a nice mid-tempo melodic rocker and a perfectly fine song and all of a sudden I’m more interested than I expected I would be. 


The next song to be fair would certainly please old fans, but isn’t quite as likely to win over new ones: ‘Heartbreaker’ is OK, but just a little short of the mark that reads ‘I am going to play you again very soon’…


Then we are in to the rerecorded hits and my lack of familiarity with Loverboy will be tested. I do of course know the next two tracks: ‘Turn Me Loose’ which has a nice instrumental intro and sounds pretty good and ‘Working For the Weekend’ which again is pretty faithful, but loses a little of the charm of the original.


The rest you probably know, they’ve not been ripped apart or radically reworked so there aren’t really any shocks and it’s interesting to hear the little touches here an there. In truth Loverboy has executed this reworking much better than a lot of bands manage to.


I’m not going to rush out and grab the back catalogue, but I shall continue to ‘Work for the Weekend’ and I have of course always loved ‘Hot Girls in Love’ (covered by Andy McCoy’s Cherry Bombz brilliantly).
An enjoyable evening with Loverboy.



by Mark Diggins