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last autumn's DREAM





Any band that can cover Roy Wood’s Wizard on one album and Angel from their most commercial album ‘Sinful’ on the next can probably pick a decent Melodic Rock tune when they hear it. It probably also means that they don’t particularly care about what other people think is cool, as long as they like it.



I got to Last Autumn’s Dream (LAD) a little late; I remember seeing one of their earlier covers and without listening thinking that they must be one of these ‘Folk Rock’ artists. How wrong can you be?



What last Autumn’s Dream do and do so very well is write Melodic Rock with monster hooks and amazing melodies. The fact that they have been doing this consistently for years and still managed to keep under the radar for most people in many countries just defies belief; but also makes you wonder what else of this sheer class is out there?



Essentially if you like opener ‘In A Perfect World’ then you will like last Autumn’s Dream. It’s a simple as that. This is a CD that is jam-packed with catchy pop-tinged melodic rock of simple, sleek and beautiful construction. If you could level one criticism of LAD it would be that even though they do what the do so very well there is little variation so if you like one song it’s pretty much guaranteed you will like the next either a little more or a little less than the last.



The exception that proves the rule is a song like ‘Megalomania’ that takes the template and pumps it full of growth hormones to produce a pop-rock master class. It’s probably lighter in tone than a lot on the album but damn catchy you will be singing along by the second chorus.



For an album so full of catchy songs it really is just playing a game of favorites. Mark Rockpit actually likes the Angel cover ‘Waited a Long Time’ but I kind of think it a little weak in the company of their own material. One thing is for sure with tracks like opener: ‘In a Perfect World’; ‘Last to Know’; ‘All I Can Think of’ and ‘Merry-Go-Round’ you will be in soft Melodic Rock Heaven! This is just such an upbeat album you can’t help but smile.  



Perhaps the most complete ballad here though is the soulful ‘Is This Just Another Heartache’ which forsakes the pop for the classic power ballad feel.



Amazing. These guys just get better at what they do.




By Jo Rockpit