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Raining Rock? The Cover looks more like Spitting Fire surely? OK I get it that doesn’t have the word ROCK in the title! We all need more rock…


Two years after the debut of ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ which we loved down at The Rockpit (rating it highly in our end of year polls) it’s time to see what Jettblack has for us now.  Aside from my usual gripe about tagging a minute of music onto the start of an album and calling it ‘intro’ I’m impressed with the 13.2 songs on offer here…


What we have in our hot hands seems to be, initially at least, less sleazy than the debut and more traditional hard rock/metal with a double-dose of melody.  Almost like we’ve stepped back from 1987 to about 1983 via Skid Row’s debut…


To be honest I’m not head over heels in love with the title track, its good clean old school rock, but it’s lacking that killer punch for me, even with Udo of Accept adding to the metal quota.


Whereas the debut was all Motley Crue meets NWOBHM this is more Accept meets melodic rock, though to be fair there were elements of both at play on the debut.


So intro and title track over: ‘Prison of Love’ is a nice melodic rocker that brings me back on board, it sounds like it was forged sometime in the mid eighties yet avoids sounding dated. In a similar vein ‘Black Gold’ is an interesting and surprisingly mature sounding melodic hard rock outing. Both songs stand out for me and best of all is that whilst they recall the work of many of those eighties bands who ruled this type of stadium-sized music, they are both fine songs and Jettblack owns them.    


‘Something About this Girl’ is interesting, melodic and naggingly catchy and again sounds like a great undiscovered melodic gem from the mid-eighties: it’s one of my picks of the bunch.


'Sunshine' that follows is definitely one of my favourites, a summer-dipped rocker with a lighter touch, more of a high tempo hard rocker built to get everyone moving.


‘Temptation’ and ‘Side of the Road’ are bloody good hard rockers in a Skid Row vein. Now if you thought that bands like Crazy Lixx captured that early Skid Row sound well, Jettblack is easily their equal.  


Of the rest: ‘Never Gonna Give it Up’ is perhaps nearer Wig Wam than Skid Row and while it’s not bad it’s not a favourite; ‘In-Between Lovers’ hits you nice and hard and wins my vote; and the ballad ‘The Sweet and the Brave’ show that they do know how to construct a ballad. All are great songs.


The interesting thing for me about ‘Raining Rock’ is that even though I think it’s a better album than their debut (better played, better songs) it lacks something with the immediacy of ‘Two Hot Girls’ and I just hope that doesn’t mean fewer people will listen to it than should do. It’s a contender again for album of the year. Nicely produced too. In fact it’s bloody nicely produced.



by Mark Diggins