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CAN't StoP







Can't Stop
Power Over Me
Wherever You Run
Just A Wish
If You Ever Fall
Do You Ever Think Of Me
Dream On
Heat Of The Night
I Won't Surrender
State Of Love
These Eyes




After a couple of great albums Issa hits us with an album of covers - the twist being that they are lesser known melodic gems. So how does it rate?




In truth there are a few answers to that question and for me at least it depends on your thoughts on song selection. Starting off with Aviator’s “Can’t Stop”, a song I had been familiar with before, is not in my opinion the strongest way to start: the song never really grabbed me in it’s original form and despite checking the box marked ‘Issa’s vocals are as good as ever’ there’s little that stands out for me with this nice but uneventful tune. Still I can forgive her one, it’s a shame it’s the opening track.




Where the album really fire’s up is on Atlantic’s mid tempo “Power Over Me” a song I’d never heard before but which suits Issa’s voice beautifully. It’s soft AOR but somehow more resonant than the opener.  21 Guns’ “Just a Wish” is another old favourite that stands up very well and will please fans of the original.




Elsewhere on the album there’s barely a foot put wrong and for me at least there are two aspects: fine ‘new’ songs like Mystic Healer’s “If You Ever Fall” – a real highlight here and old favourites in songs like “ Do You Ever Think Of Me” (Unruly Child); ” Dream On” (Boulevard); and closer “These Eyes” (21 Guns). I think its Tangiers’s “Stranded” though that is the pick of the bunch, a truly great song by an underexposed band.


Hopefully at the very least this album will serve two purposes: to get people out there to checkout Issa’s original work and also to have them searching out some of the original bands behind these gems.




Issa (Isabell Oversveen) - Lead Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards
Mario Percudani – Guitars
Anna Portaluppi – Bass
Alessandro Mori - Drums



By Jo Rockpit