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01. Breaking The Silence (04:50)
02. Living On The Run (04:55)
03. Falling Down (03:33)
04. The One And Only (05:07)
05. Better Off Alone (04:00)
06. In And Out Of Trouble (04:55)
07. Need Her (03:56)
08. Heartbreaker (03:05)
09. It's All About Tonight (03:34)
10. Downtown (04:33)




HEAT is a band that makes you question the power of the Gods of Rock these days. A band that seems to put out quality release after quality release without getting either the attention or the breaks they deserve.



Thankfully they don’t seem to either care or take it to heart; and despite 2010’s major setback in losing the golden voice of Kenny Lackremo they just picked up sticks and brought in the winner of the 2009 edition of Swedish Idol (yes even countries with great music scenes get industry tube-fed dross in their dumbed-down TC schedules)… the good news is that he can sing and by all accounts has a decent stage presence too!



So here we are in 2012 for his recorded debut and thankfully the HEAT template remains unchanged – 100% quality AOR is still the order of the day at HEAT mansions.



Whilst other bands at the forefront of this kind of music have either played with the template or in the case of Crazy Lixx we are still waiting to see, HEAT has not deviated, they’re as stubborn as AC/DC with their trademark sound.



Opening track “Breaking The Silence” is possible one of the strongest tracks I’ve heard from these guys and for those that still hanker after Skid Row reforming and recapturing the feel and flavour of that first classic release, stop hankering and buy this!  From there the quality is bound to drop a bit, but in truth the bar doesn’t come down too far at all and while there may be everything on here from ballad to thought-provoking social commentary (yes it’s true) it feel like a ‘complete’ album, the way they used to make ‘em!



So if you are in the market for solid foundations, great production and skyscraper choruses then ‘Address The Nation’ will undoubtedly see HEAT in the car, on the stereo cruising down the freeway with the top rolled down this summer. It’s music to make you forget the shit that invades life from time to time and for just over 40 minutes forget your worries and enjoy life.



Rock and Roll doing the job in 2012




By Mark Diggins