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The UK press hails Glamour Of The Kill as “set to hit the big time” and the rest of the world is about to get in on the action.


Drawing from a deep well of hard-driving music with rebellious disregard for the restrictive “rules” of nitpicking subgenres, Glamour Of The Kill raise the flags high for the partying vibe of ‘80s hair metal and the soaring energy of today’s more aggressive vanguard of sound.


A four piece band where everyone’s attention to musicianship is paramount yet never puts the goodtime atmosphere at risk, Glamour Of The Kill expertly consume and utilize the gallop of Maiden, the party rock of the Sunset Strip, the twin guitars of Metallica and the vibe of Thin Lizzy to create a sound uniquely and steadfastly of their very own. A mixture of energized pop and crunchy metal, Glamour of the Kill’s priorities boil down to two things: big riffs and even bigger choruses.


Glamour of the Kill now have their sights set on the world beyond their native England, with the strength of their homeland fanbase securely supporting them. British invasions from the Beatles to Oasis to Maiden have come in waves and GOTK are ready to seize their opportunity. “We started a band because this is what we love to do,” Davey concludes. “You get to do what you love and have thousands of other people enjoy it with you. I couldn’t ask for anything more. As long as we love what we are doing, we are going to take it as far as we can.”

Davey Richmond - Vocals / Bass
Chris Gomerson - Guitar/ Vocals
Mike Kingswood - Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Ben Thomson - Drums / Vocals






Now here is a band to grab your attention. Glamour of the Kill is a hard band to pin down if you are playing the ‘genre’ game but just sit back and listen and there’s a huge amount to like.


On first listen ‘If She Only knew’ that kicks off the album really has me thinking of the US Band Endeverafter who released one great album a few years back. There’s a definite party rock vibe that hit’s you, definite pop-sensibilities, but also an undercurrent of metal that becomes apparent with the growling vocal that underpins the far heavier ‘World’s End’. Very similar I guess to the sort of thing Black Tide pulled off first time round but didn’t manage to match with their follow up.


As a complete contrast ‘Feeling Alive’ replete with hand-claps is a great example of what could easily become their trademark – big riffs, big choruses and great harmonies with wailing metal guitar. There’s a definite youth and enthusiasm here that you can feel spilling out of the grooves.


On the heavier side you have songs like ‘Dying From the Inside’ while tracks like ‘Lost Souls’ are far more traditional rock fare that even manage to evoke a little of earlier more melodic British hard rockers of the early eighties.


Our highlights have to include opener ‘If She Only knew’; but we’ll throw in the heavier ‘Dying From the Inside’ for your consideration, though in truth there’s nothing below par on here.


If you love 80’s rock as much as you love Metallica and Trivium, dig bands like Black Tide and other young pop-metal upstarts then Glamour of the Kill is for you!



by Mark Diggins