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British rockers Feeder return following their long awaited follow up to 2010 critically received Renegades CD, with Generation Freakshow - their 8th studio album.




This album is classic Feeder with an updated twist: twelve tracks of expertly-crafted, fresh sounding strong songs, that are both mature and melodic with sounds ranging from metal, grunge, punk and classic rock - all absorbed and moulded together to create that distinctive Feeder sound. Every song sounds immediate and concise compared to their earlier releases.


A strong opener ‘Oh My is where you hear Grant Nicholass fabulous song-writing realy come alive. The catchy song blasts you with heavy drumming and technical guitar sounds which leaves you in a turmoil of twists and turns. An invigorating rock anthem that went through numerous titles before settling on the title Borders.


The albums first released single has been greeted with success around the world. The songs irrepressible trademark chorus and its familiar crunching riffs is dedicated to themes of freedom and escape with the video of the band in a forest surrounded by bright lights, while cut-scenes of a woman named Jessie tells the songs story how she escapes from kidnappers.

The hard rocking song Idaho- belts out an equally massive chorus and can be compared to their earlier tunes from the Renegades album. Flipping from one extreme to the other, the mood and tempo softens with the track Quiet, comforting, it glides along giving that feel good relaxing mood.

The title Generation Freakshow epitomises the future tradition of the album and track. It is the strongest on the album with its gritty sound and a hint of punk thrown in for good measure.

Equally versatile and confined to the final third of the album, are riotous punk and mosh-pitting sounds of ‘Headstrong’ and ‘In all Honesty’ - Feeder’s supercharged take on rock and roll. With its harsh guitar riffs and driving energy, they feel like they belong on a different album.

The chiming riffs, melancholic harmonies, and emotionally charged lyrics of closing number ‘Children of the Sun’ help to provide a classic lighters in the air ballad.

As a mainstream band, they have come a long way from the ‘Brit-Pop’ era and stamped their impressions and mark on a generation of fans, this is why they still have an awesome following and is indicative of their firm 21-year career. ‘Generation Freakshow’ is still an impressive return from a band whose members sound revitalized and determined to prove their future success.


by Tanya Hadlington