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Eve To Adam

Banquet For a Starving Dog






‘Run your Mouth’ that opens Eve To Adam’s new one is all that I love about modern rock, it’s passionate, urgent and has a great hook. A song that whilst some might argue just echoes bands like Adelitas Way and Saving Abel owes just as much, to my ears at least, to the great HUGE anthemic sound of the eighties rock milieu.  


‘MY Vanity’ that follows is probably even better, if more laid back. Live both songs went down well when I last saw them in action and they set up an album that at points excels and at others just does the job. And that’s the real shame here – there are peaks for sure but there are also songs that you wish could be more. The midsection of the album loses a little impetus, before pulling back very strongly.
To be honest it’s an album that still hints at great things but at the end of the day is like the proverbial glass half full or half empty.


After that fine opening salvo we lose track with songs like ‘Fault Line’ with its vaguely annoying vocal and experimental U2 infused guitar lines, that just seems to go nowhere fast.


The funkier ‘In a Hurry’ is experimentation that works better, and has the dynamics just right and it’s definitely the standout of the middle of the album that overall leaves me lukewarm. There are elements to like – ‘Stay’ has a great vocal but otherwise doesn’t move me; the title track itself just meanders a little, not a bad song but it’s not selling itself as it should; again despite nice dynamics and a nice vocal.  At points it feels like we are aiming at two very different audiences. The biggest hole in the mid-section has to be the lack of a real hook or catchy riff to make something really stand out. Ballad ‘Getting Weird Without You’ will win some over though, I’m sure.


But when they return to form on ‘Little Says’ it all comes together, all the boxes are ticked and again it’s a modern sound that works with immediacy and passion.  ‘Hold The Light’ is the pick of the slower songs; and ‘Reach’ is a great song with a great lyric and great feel and again points to what these guys are capable of and closer: ‘Glasses High’ really is the way to end an album, reconfirm the belief and leave you wanting more, just a great song with huge cross-over potential.


I honestly think that this band can take the nest step but at the same time I’m concerned that they might just not really be in the headspace where they know exactly what they want. I don’t feel that here they have entirely decided that they know what they want. At times they shine like diamonds and at others they disappoint, like they are trying to hedge their bets banking on songs that recall their peers. These guys one day could be peerless and I can testify that live they do cut it. I’m still watching.



Mark Diggins