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01 – Riches To Rags
02 – Not Supposed To Sing the Blues
03 – Firebox
04 – Bag Of Bones
05 – Requiem
06 – My Woman My Friend
07 – Demon Head
08 – Drink And A Smile
09 – Doghouse
10 – Mercy You Mercy Me
11 – Bring It All Home




Yes OK so I never really liked Europe back in the day, though Jo Rockpit loved the,. However over the last few years this band has been amazing. Last Look At Eden from 2010 was a watershed in my opinion and here on Bag of Bones we see Europe at their busiest logical conclusion.



In 2012 Europe is the epitome of classy ‘Classic Rock’ high on melody, high on hooks and held together by John Norum who has never sounded better, and Joey Tempest who has matured into a fine, fine singer. There’s such a depth to the material here that those only familiar with the parps of ‘Final Countdown’  (still the best guitar solo on a number one single) could possibly overlook.



Bag of Bones has ‘classic rock cool’ written across it and to be honest in the days when most of the bands you would traditionally label ‘Classic Rock’ are putting out some pretty variable product it’s very heartening to see a band of a certain ‘age’ going from strength to strength, and not only that – actually sounding like they are enjoying it!



‘Riches to Rags’ is a fine way to start an album and really does hint at the quality of the content that covers all the bases from beautiful ballads like ‘My Woman My Friend’ (surely one of the songs of the year for traditionalists) to out and out rockers like ‘Demon Head’.



Quite frankly we’re blown away by the sheer class of the material.  Amongst our favourites are the retrospective glory of ‘Not Supposed to Sing the Blues’ the wonderful title track, and the afore-mentioned ‘My Woman My Friend: BUT (and it’s a huge but here) there really is very little here that won’t command your attention: making this a release that really does feel like an ‘album’ in the way that albums used to feel.  



Europe (the continent) may be going through a tough time at the moment, but Europe (The Band) is going through a golden renaissance…



You must check this one out…




Mark Rockpit