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Dynazty's first release ‘Bring The Thunder’ was a great debut released in 2009, that for the most part, flew under the radar.  Their second offering, Knock You Down was just released last year, and was one of the best CDs of 2011.  So, is it possible for a band to release a quality CD less than a year after their previous release?  The answer, at least for Dynazty, is yes.  Not only have they released a quality disc, but possibly one of the best releases in recent years.    They are a band that just keeps getting better with each release.  Dynazty's new CD ‘Sultans Of Sin’ is what rock is all about folks.  This one has it all. 



For those that don't know, Dynazty is another great new band from Sweden, and with all the great bands from Sweden, this may seem a bold statement, but I believe Dynazty to be the best of them.  If you like bands like Skid Row, and maybe even Dokken, then definitely pick up all 3 Dynazty CDs.  The band are top notch players and songwriters, and I believe Nils Molin is one of the best vocalists out there.  The production on the CD is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  Perfectly mixed for a very heavy sound.



‘Sultans Of Sin’ hits the ground running with the blistering opening track, "Come Alive".  This is a heavy rocker, pure and simple, and will certainly get your attention.  A great way to kick off the CD.



"Raise Your Hands" is a straight ahead party rock anthem, while "Land Of Broken Dreams" is pure melodic bliss reminiscent of Tyketto.  Both songs have big hooks and even bigger sing along choruses.



"Falling" is the first song that gives the listener a chance to catch their breath.  A meaningful power ballad, this is a fine example of great songwriting.



"More Than A Man" and "Love Junkie" put us right back in the fast lane of rock 'n roll.  These are two of my favorites from the CD.



"The One To Blame" is a heavy blues rocker with an outstanding bass line, and is a great example of this band's diversity.



Once again, we're given a slight moment to rest with another great power ballad, "Back Again".  Whereas "Falling" was a bit heavier for a ballad, this one is more acoustic than not, and is a beautiful song.



"Bastards Of Rock 'n Roll" brings us right back to the adrenaline pumping, big sing along choruses that are prominent on the CD.  Another highlight.



We finally come to the end, with the boot-stomping, skull-crushing title track, "Sultans Of Sin".  If this song doesn't get your blood pumping, you're probably either dead, or in a coma!  This one has been released as the first video from the CD, and I believe a good choice.  It will definitely get people's attention.



I make no apologies, I love this band.  This will definitely get my pick for CD of the year, as I just can't imagine something better coming along. 



Want to see what it sound like?




Michael D'Avignon