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1. Resurgence of Rock (5:17)
2. One For The Ages (4:40)
3. Your Boyfriend Is Lame (5:34)
4. Take Me Back (5:47)
5. Livin' It Up (In A Mexican Bar) (5:55)
6. Still Turnin' Heads (4:33)
7. Another Hotel Bar (6:06)
8. Hundred Years War (6:17)
9. Woman Side / Famous Last Chords (6:57)



The cynic might tend to eye a release like this with caution. After all the back-story sounds so good that it surely can't be true! Music fans just don’t put their heads together and write a collection of songs to take you back to the glory days of eighties rock, draft in some amazing vocalists and put out a killer album do they?



Well the evidence here seems to suggest that they do.



Take two men – lyricist Ken Savage and music-writer Austin Schell, throw in a lifetime of love of classic rock and add some great singers from back in the day, and shake it up and basically what you get is Resurgence of Rock. But here we’re talking about the music so check out the above link if you want to hear more about the project from Ken himself.



Musically as I said you are in for a treat and the opener and title track with Paul Shortino at the helm vocally is as good as it gets here, and I don’t think you will be unimpressed. The only problem with a song like that is (which bemoans the lack of the sort of great music we all used to love these days) that its sets the bar pretty high.  The good news is that the bar pretty much stays that high throughout the remaining tracks.



Whilst. as Ken will admit. AC/DC pretty much sets the template for the rockers here and the at times very amusing lyrics, there are many other discernable ’classic’ influences. There is the party feel of Hagar here and there, Halen of course too, and also a touch of bands like Leppard and Priest. Now if you are reading this and knew what I meant even though I shortened the band names then this is probably the test that it may well be worth checking out!



Our favourites have to be the Shortino tracks; (man that guy can wail) and on ‘Resurgence of Rock’ he proves he’s lost nothing over the years. Mark Rockpit still insists that ‘Your Boyfriend is Lame’ is the best track here though, or maybe the ode to the Cabo days that is: ‘Livin' It Up (In A Mexican Bar)’. To be truthful we were very impressed with Lorraine Lewis’ effort too particularly on ‘Still Turning Heads’ and ‘100 Years War’ which is a real powerhouse of a track.



You know what though after a few listens it may well be the harder edged ‘One For The Ages’ by Jeff Paris that just edges it. And that people is the sign of a good album and let’s hope this is the start of a real Resurgence of Rock!



We want more.





By Jo Rockpit