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Hmmn, Big Dix I guess is one of those names that might put off the more PC amongst us but there you go, you live by your decisions and it certainly positions you in that sleazy end of town and after all that is what we probably want here.




I’ve been a big supporter of Tanzan Music releases over the last few years and that has been largely because of the quality of the bands they have put out there. This release is no exception, In short Bid Dix rock though some of you might agree they do themselves no favours in their choice of name like Big Cock before them.




Names aside what you get here is some great party rock music with a deliciously sleazy attitude, and like a number of other bands that paint themselves into a corner due to a name, whilst they may alienate a wider audience they hit the nal right on the head otherwise.



'Joanna & The Devil' is a hard rocking album that takes in sleazy hard rock, blues, punk, and even dabbles with pop and a touch of psychedelia. Musically there are some great guitar parts and wonderful melodies and that is the overriding plus against an album that verges on cliché with the lyrics that raise more of a grimace than a smile. Like many non-English as a first language rock bands too there is also the diction to contend with, but hey, it never bothered the Scorpions did it!
Lyrics and diction aside there are some great songs on here and a lot for fans of the sleazier end of the eighties to love. There is some great guitar on opener ‘You Make me Crazy’ and the AC/DC riff to ‘Change the Way’ can’t fail to get your foot tapping along. It’s probably though the guest slot afforded to Hungryheart’s Mario Percudani on the punk pop cover ‘Burning Love’ that gives the album a real edge.



Where the album fails as a whole is that it is pretty much a jumble of styles: while one song might grab you another doesn’t quite manage to. Sometimes an established band might pull that off, but for a new band it’s hard to pin down or see where they want to head.  'Psychedelic Blues' is a nice song, but out of place in all its blues boogie glory.  And I guess that is the issue – what is representative of ‘Big Dix’?



I love songs like the softer 'Time For Love' but then 'So Hot' – a song that evokes early seventies UK rock bands just doesn’t cut it. As contradictions go there are plenty: 'Devils Blues' loses on the vocals but is carried by Corradi's wonderful slide: to be honest it does get frustrating.
Where we win is on songs like ‘The Black Man’ which with a great vocal could have been something special but as it stands just frustrates. As far as Tanzan releases go this is as interesting as it is frustrating.




By Leslie Phillips