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You could dismiss the latest offering by Jack Blades: Rock N Roll Ride by saying that by and large an album of riff-driven rockers, but that is only part of the story of this album. Its nice driving music but if you are looking for ground-breaking remember this is a Jack Blades album, solid meat and potatoes just the way we like it.



Opener ‘Back in the Game’ as a statement of intent is pretty much as you would imagine it, nice riff, nice song but nothing more. ‘Rock N Roll Ride’ is more of the same but just a better realised song. It’s not until we get to ‘Born For This’ that we get something more, and makes you think back just that short while to the last great Nightranger release. It’s a highlight and has a chorus made for singing along to.


Ballads as ballads go are always the go to for rockers of a certain age and in ‘The Hardest Word’    you get a pretty damn good one, it has that kind of feel to it that you could easily see a band like Nickelback have a radio hit with and therein lies the problem with rock music today, no matter how good a song the old hands always have that unfair ‘not cool enough anymore’ stigma attached to them. I love this song, one of the nicest ballads I’ve heard in quite some time. Spot on Jack!
Quality control here is pretty good, there’s not a lot that you could either label filler, or for that matter killer. Another slower number ‘Anything For You’ fills the void between rocker and ballad, it’s  nice enough, another sing-along, nice harmonies and certainly a grower.



Elsewhere ‘Love Life’ just makes you feel like the sun is shining on us all; and ’Say You Will’ and ‘Don’t Give Up’ are nice enough without really kicking to the next level. It’s ‘West Hollywood’ though that I was looking forward to, but sadly it’s probably my least favourite here.


‘Rise and Shine’ is an interesting one taking that slow/fast grunge staple to start off but with a real good ol‘ hard rock gloss. It comes across an interesting mash of the old and the modern and works for me. It’s probably the most interesting song on the CD.  We end with a slow acoustic number and ‘Hey Now’ is a great song and a great way to end on a high.
Fans will be pleased and lovers of good old solid rock and roll will want to check this out, It’s not an album to blow you away but it just might slowly win you over.




By Leslie Phillips