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Escape MUSIC







Paul Bonrud
- Guitar, Bass
Rick Forsgren - Vocals
Paul Higgins - Drums

Track Listing

1. We Collide
2. Bullet in the Back
3. American Dream
4. Save Tomorrow
5. Liquid Sun
6. I’d Do Anything
7. Last Sunrise
8. Torn Apart
9. Blinded
10. Dominoes
11. You’re The One
12. End of Days


When I was asked to review this band and album I had no idea what to expect, so with some researching and belting out a few tunes, I can honestly say that this album has totally blown me away and has already given me consideration of being in my top 10 albums for 2012.



‘Bonrud’ who are established in Seattle, might be a strange name for an American band, giving the impression of AC/DC’s legends 'Bon' Scott and Phil 'Rudd', but the reason is quite simply that the band is named after its main figure - namely, the guitarist Paul Bonrud and he is joined by the talented vocalist Minneapolis’ Rick Forsgren, well-known for his four octave range.


Paul Bonrud engineered and co-produced the album with six-time Grammy winner Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne, Sammy Hagar, Rick Springfield, etc.).


The US rock band Bonrud return with album number two, the first in eight years ‘Save Tomorrow,’ and if you are into tasty and accessible melodic hard rock, then you can't go wrong with this one. ‘Save Tomorrow’ album is a great mix of melodic & heavy rock, thrown in for good measure are some catchy songs that is going to please a wide variety of music fans, especially the massive chorus’s and perfect harmonies.


The album kicks off with the opening song ’We Collide’ which is a good opener for this album. It has some great guitar riff’s and impressive chorus’s, and introduces you to what the album is all about. ‘Bullet in the Back’ follows and this truly in my eyes, should have been the opener for the album, Rick Forsgren’s vocals are powerful and strong and fit’s around the strong guitar menacing riffs. ‘American Dream’ is a one of those great old school classic 80’s tune with a great chorus and solid vocals.


‘Journey’s’ influence shines through the title track ‘Save Tomorrow’ this has to be one of the best tracks on the album, Rick delivers his vocals well on this track balancing the power and composure to fit in well with the strong guitar sounds. Flipping from one extreme to the other, the mood and tempo softens with the track ‘Liquid sun’ comforting, it glides along giving that feel good relaxing mood. This ballad has strong harmonies, reaches top notes which grabs the feelings of a love song and deepens the emotions, definitely has a ‘Zep’ and ‘Heart’ feel to it. 


The tempo picks up to ‘I’d Do Anything’ a catchy song that will stay in your mind and a song that u just can’t get out of your head. ‘Last Sunrise’ opens up with a good guitar sound and continues into a stomping vibe in some places, Paul really knows how to open that guitar up in this song. ‘Torn apart’ - no wasting time and get’s straight into the lyrics at the start, catchy chorus, cool lyrics. ‘Blinded’ is as gritty as the album gets with an unforgettable riff and a strong repeated hard rock chorus. ‘Dominoes’ - starts off giving an impression of a ballad then rips into those 80’s harmonies and up beat rhythm, some good lyrics which invites you to sing along to.


Saving the best til last, the final two tracks are as impressive as the rest of the album. My favourite ‘You’re the One’ has a Bryan Adams feel to it, it is a ‘feel good’ summer record and the lyrics start with ‘It’s a beautiful night, for cruising around the town, we got the top rolled down, the radio is playing our favourite song.’ and that is exactly what you would do to this song! A catchy tune and fabulous guitar solo in middle of it.


'End of Days' written for his wife, closes this awesome album with a lot of heart and passion expressed in the vocals. It starts off in a slow moody rock anthem and then up beats to a great chorus giving that dramatic feel.


Overall, this awesome 12 track album is one of the best melodic rock albums I have heard in a long time. Influenced by Journey, Dokken, Bryan Adams and Foreigner vibes, the excellent vocals, rocking guitar riffs and thundering drums is what makes you want to beg for more from Bonrud!
Don’t let this album slip through the cracks like so many other bands have in the past, this album and band deserves recognition and some serious airplay!




By Tanya Hadlington