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It’s always interesting to review a CD by an Italian band, as the Italian music scene is one that I know very little of but which Mark (our Editor) always raves about in relation to the Sleaze, Blues and Melodic Metal scenes. This however is altogether another genre.




"The Inhuman Use Of Human Beings" is the second long player from Milan-based This Broken Machine and it is a noise that fans of Metal I’m sure will want to hear. Be warned though this is something a little more than your average metal band in that they manage to produce a soundscape all of their own fusing influences from alt-metal, progressive metal and traditional heavy metal genres. What you get is something very structured, very interesting and very emotional.




Sonically TBM sound like a mix of Scott Kelly’s seminal Neurosis, Tool and Mastodon and it is their progressive leanings and solid musicianship that make this worthy of your attention. There’s a relentless riff, some wonderful guitars and a mixture of other-wordly vocals and earth shattering growls.  




To get to the meat of it the songs ‘Alpha’ is something that sticks out it’s a musical landscape that shows you what this band could become: a stunning ‘Blinded’ juxtaposed with the gentle ‘Alone’ demonstrates real depth. One of the best songs though is definitely the closer: ‘Machines’. There’s a despondency and depth to the lyrics too that talk of isolation and the human condition that set the band aside. The human experience is being shattered by the Machine and mankind is losing its way  are powerful theme s that should resonate with us all to varying degrees. I’d hate to say this was political but it’s certainly an interesting take on the struggle of humanity in an increasingly mechanized world.




Don’t expect an easy listen, but do take a chance on these guys, I’m sure the best is ahead of them and if they don’t lose this spark they could be a band to be reckoned with in Italian Metal.   




By Leslie Phillips