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01 – Star-Crossed Citizens,  02 – Survival Expert,  03 – Private Rain,  04 – The Kids Will Get The Money,  05 – Sooner Or Later You’re Gonna Have To Do Something About Me,  06 – Miracle Cure,  07 – Deep Sea Divers,  08 – This Economy,  09 – Back To Normal,  10 – The Fireball At The End Of Everything,  11 – Eureka,  12 – Begin



Bonus CD:  

01 – Survival Expert (Acoustic),  02 – Hanging On,  03 – Let’s Dance,  04 – Ship Of Fools,  05 – Stop




Australian home grown rock with a distinctly West Coast American edge.



On one level alt-rock favourites ‘Something for Kate’ is a band that hard rockers would run a mile from but having seen these guys live they certainly do the business. Musically there’s of course no hard rock muscle, but there’s a huge appreciation for older rock acts that emerge in many of the songs; touches of Lou Reed here, REM elsewhere and America there; it’s diverse.



Of course everyone in Australia has heard lead single “Survival Expert” a softer foray with a  West Coast vibe but a contemporary alt-rock feel: it’s sister song “Fireball at the end of Everything” is pretty cool too, but even sparser until the breakdown.




Elsewhere we get a bunch of rather disappointing ‘emotional’ staple rock songs like ‘This Economy’ and ‘Eureka’ which are pretty lackluster. It’s actually the light and shade that reaches out best. I’ve mentioned the light but dip into the murkier waters of songs like “Star-Crossed Citizens” and “The Kids Will Get the Money”) and you will be just as impressed.




An interesting album by a great live act and nothing really like anything they’ve done before. Australian mainstream media loves it’s alt rock as much as it dismisses hard rock which is odd for a country whose biggest musical exports pretty much defined the genre. Something For Kate is one of the few current Media darlings that people will still be listening to in ten years’ time.



By Leslie Phillips