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1- My best friend, 2- Angels will cry, 3- Too good to be true, 4- Hero, 5- Flash in the night, 6- Set the night on fire, 7- Who needs love, 8- Crazy for you, 9- Crime in the line, 10- Through the storm, 11- A Nice day




I like this one a lot: Lover Under Cover are a brand new band from Sweden that combine lots of things we like here: there’s a big accent on melody, a great hard rock edge and the songs stack up very well against contemporary bands in the melodic genre. With Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn’s Dream) on vocals too you know that there will be quality, add the bass of Mikael Carlsson, keys from Ged Ryland (ex-Ten) and guitars from Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose) and Perra Johnsson on Drums (from Coldspell) you have a solid set of well respected musicians. And that’s before we get to the guests from members of Coldspell and Jorn.



All that really does though is set the scene and there are some great songs here. Opener the anti-gun ‘My Best Friend’ is certainly a standout – with a huge late eighties hard rock vibe and great sing along chorus. It is not the template for the album though as we take a distinctly melodic rock turn.



Our favourites include the wonderful “Set the night on fire” which is well crafted melodic rock that burns slowly. “Angels will cry” and “Hero” are also two of the real melodic muscular highlights. Elsewhere there is light and shade: ‘”A Nice Day” or “Crazy For You” for example would sit comfortably on any ‘Last Autumn’s Dream’ album. “Who Needs Love” a faster rocker would pretty much find a place anywhere it’s a great song.



The best thing about this album though is that in 11 tracks there is no filler in sight.



Lover Under Cover is definitely a band to look out for if you love well-structured melodic hard rock down the middle, with forays into the light and shade either side. Pretty much essential if you love your melodic rock driven by a great voice and some killer guiatar and keys.




Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn’s Dream / Salute) – Vocals, Keyboards
Mikael Carlsson – Bass, Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals
Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose, Phenomena, Salute) – Guitars
Perra Johnsson (Coldspell) – Drums
With Special guest on Keyboards:  Ged Ryland (ex-Ten)




By Mark Diggins