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01 – Save Me, 02 – Ladies Come First, 03 – Should Have Known Better, 04 – Freakshow, 05 – Talk To Me, 06 – Get Me Away From You, 07 – Is It Just Me, 08 – I Don’t Wanna Believe, 09 – See You In Hell, 10 – Anyone But You, 11 – Wanna Be Rich


Bonus Tracks:


12 – Get Me Away From You (Acoustic Version), 13 – Ladies Come First (Alternative Version), 14 – Save Me (Acoustic Version), 15 – See You In Hell (Acoustic Version), 16 – Talk To Me (Acoustic Version)




I’m not afraid to say I’ve pretty much enjoyed these guys since they came on the scene though to me they’ve never quite managed to again capture that immediacy of their debut they have come close and there were moments on last time’s “All American Nightmare” that took us there.



‘Welcome to the Freakshow’ is unmistakably Hinder,  lead track “Save Me” has that mechanical drum beat that seems to be favoured by radio these days but it’s a stronger song than most and manages to lodge in your brain. It’s in truth an album a bit like that: where nothing really blows you away, but everything sticks. “Ladies Come First” is perhaps the exception in that it sticks from the first listen: modern party rock that does the trick. No one told you that Hider was meant to be cerebral right? This in a way is what modern rock needs – bring back the party.



It’s only three songs in that we get the first ballad, which is kind of expected, but also kind of a shame. Don’t get me wrong I like Hider’s ballads especially their ‘flawed love song’ take. “Should Have Known Better” is pretty good, but I’m not going to reference ‘that’ song to tell you it’s not there. Hinder writes good ballads and this is one I can imagine a video for…



The rest of the album has its ups and downs but like “All American Nightmare” it’s pretty consistent even though it doesn’t seek to venture into uncharted territories. Like I said I like Hinder and this new album doesn’t change that at all. I love harder songs like title track “Freakshow” and I like their sleazy lyrics; but somehow I always come away believing that these guys CAN and one day WILL do something truly great. At the moment we are still in good modern American rock territory.



Other tracks to check out are: “Get Me Away From You” which is probably the best of the slower numbers. The piano led “I Don’t Want to Believe” is also a pretty nice trademark mid-tempo tune with a great uplifting chorus.



For a harder edge check out “See You in Hell” with its Buckcherry vibe: ‘I smoke, drink, I lie, I cheat and damn I do it well, see you in Hell!” is a great refrain - love it! Best song on the album though? The mid-tempo “Is It Just Me” might just be huge on the radio one day very soon. That’s the big one as far as The Rockpit is concerned.




By Mark Diggins