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01 – Blood On Blood
02 – Lost Highway
03 – Born to Be My Baby
04 – You Give Love a Bad Name
06 – Raise Your Hands
07 – We Got It Going On
08 – Have a Nice Day
09 – It’s My Life
10 – I’ll Be There For You
12 – Wanted Dead Or Alive
13 – Livin’ On a Prayer
14 – Keep the Faith




I guess one of the most striking things about this release is that fact that only Jon is on the cover. Corporation JBJ is finally out in the open for all those that weren’t aware it’s very much a one man band and hired hands these days: all of which is also of course completely irrelevant! Ther fans will of course buy it, but I'm not convinced this is the best live introduction to a band that has been great on stage over many years.




That aside the most striking thing about a live album these days is its length. Let’s face it it’s not as if turning on the tape costs as much as it does to record in the studio so to come in at a running time of anything less than a full set really does feel like a bit of a rip off.




The other slightly surprising aspect is that there is a lot of what most fans would consider B-grade material on here even if you use sales as the gauge.




The great thing about Bon Jovi fans though is there are lots of them and so I guess at the end of the day even a live Christmas album would sell in some quantity (God forbid that ever happens – though I suspect it will especially when Rod Stewart stands aside).




Sonically this sounds OK though it’s rather heavier on the new stuff than I would have hoped. ‘We Got It Going On’ and ‘Lost Highway’ are still less than memorable no matter how many times you plat them, and yes ‘Blood on Blood’ is pretty bad B-Grade Springsteen. The rest though to be fair pretty much stacks up.




God I wish these guys would do that whole play the classic album in full thing that so many have before them. Now Bon Jovi playing an entire set of Slippery and New Jersey live would be something far more memorable than this stocking filler… 




By Keren Harvey