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Michael Schenker Group


Mezzanine, San Francisco, California
February 15, 2012

By Robert Kitay


It’s been nearly 20 years since Robin McAuley sang in the McAuley Schenker Group. Most recently he sang in Survivor, who barely played any shows and never recorded any new material. Now, he is back where he should be, singing as good as ever along side the great again Michael Schenker.


I say "great again" since for over a decade Michael Schenker was a mess. He clearly had an alcohol problem that affected his ability to play. Cancelling tours at the last minute, sloppy performances and shows cut short became standard fare. All of that seems to be in the past - tThe last three times that I’ve seen Michael Schenker he has been nothing short of fantastic. His playing has been sharp with that amazing guitar tone with no indication that his past unevenness will ever return.


Robin McAuley’s voice is as strong as ever. During the previous several tours, Michael reunited with Gary Barden, who was the singer during the earliest MSG albums and tours. Although it was great seeing Gary and hearing his voice again, Gary’s voice clearly was not what it once was. Robin’s voice, however, doesn’t seem to have lost anything over the years. Robin has that great combination of stage presence and pure vocal talent that makes him a fantastic frontman.


The setlist was short on songs from Robin McAuley’s previous stint in the band with “Save Yourself” being the only song from that era. The setlist was heavy on UFO songs and somewhat light on MSG songs. However, the setlist included a couple of rarely played gems from Michael Schenker’s time in the Scorpions in “Lovedrive” and“Another Piece of Meat.” The crowd most definitely approved.



Into The Arena
Armed and Ready
Another Piece of Meat
Save Yourself
Rock My Night Away
Shoot Shoot
Too Hot to Handle
Let it Roll
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Natural Thing
Lights Out


1st Encore:
On and On
Rock Bottom


2nd Encore
Doctor Doctor