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Mark: I loved the last two shows you did at The Charles and the one down in Freo. The next Raise The Flag, the special Christmas edition will be coming up soon, what are you going to do different?


James: Bon’s Christmas Balls!! Raise The Flag is about playing classic Aussie rock, like an Australian version of the Party Boys, if that makes any sense. We tour with that line up a few times a year, and play The Angels and all that kind of stuff! We are going to do an hour of Oz rock and then we’ll have a breather and a couple of beers, and then do an hour of Bon.


Mark: That sounds great. Who’s in this years’ line up?


James: We’ve got Yak Sherrit (Diesel/Barnsey) on drums, Paul Woseen (The Screaming Jets), Steve Garde (The Jets) and myself and Mick Adkins as support, and I’m actually going to be singing, for the first part of the show!

Then the Bon Scott side of the show, we’ve got myself and Mick on guitar, Eddie Parise (Baby Animals) on bass and Yak on drums and of course Anthony ‘Skenie’ Skene on pipes.


Mark: He’s (Skenie) going to be climbing all over the place again is he, this year?


James: No doubt!!


Mark; Going back to Bon for a second, is there a song that you’ve never played live, that you’d love to do?


James: My favourite song, AC/DC song is “Gone Shootin”. I used to do it live in my solo show, and Mick was actually in that band as well, going back quite a few years now. The thing is I love all the AC/DC songs, pretty much, there’s not many bad ‘uns there, is there?

The hard thing is this year, because we’ve only got one hour, you can only fit in so many songs. So, you’ve got to balance out the classics that you have to do, but the next show, probably the birthday show, we’ll have a full two hour show and we can throw in a few of those songs that don’t normally get played.


Mark: I must admit that’s one of the things I do enjoy most that you do get to hear those songs that make you go back to the albums and listen to them again. You then realise what a great poet Bon was.


James: For sure. When we did the show with Mark and Simon, we threw in a few little gems from the “Powerage” album, “Up to my Neck in You”, and you never here anybody playing that sort of stuff.


Mark: I must admit that is probably my favourite album.


James: Yeah, and Powerage, definitely for me, there’s something about it, it’s magic!


Mark: That was probably the first album I heard by AC/DC, and it just sticks with you forever. Just a couple more quick questions. What’s the best story you ever heard about Bon?


James: I couldn’t even tell you over the phone!! I know that many people that have worked with him or played with him, I never got to meet the bugger!!


Mark: I love that one that Skenie told about Rosie at the last show, that was a good one.


James: That was from Pat the roadie -  he was a bit of a legend and very good friends with Bon, he always had a few stories to tell.


Mark: Finally, what do you think Bon would be doing now, if he’d just celebrated his 66th birthday with us?


James: What time is it? He’d probably be at the pub!!


Mark: Is it that time! Thanks very much for talking to us James , see you at the show.








Raise The Flag blow audiences away with their Bon But Not Forgotten shows Celebration to the No. 1 rocker in the world Bon Scott. The all-star lineup has all the 'rock royalty' to honour the legacy Bon left behind and they pump out a mean set list.


In December Raise The Flag will perform three 'Bon Xmas Balls'– which will be a Black T Event– just in time for Xmas. The event features 2 shows in one, The first part of the evening is a tribute to Australian Rock Acts. The Angels, The Screaming Jets, Rose Tattoo, The Choirboys and more.


WA Guitar hero, Steve Garde from THE JETS, will Join James Morley (The Angels), Mick Adkins (Raise The Flag, Yak Sherrit (Diesel/Barnsey), and Paul Woseen (The Screaming Jets) On throat, Bon but not Forgotten features wild man Anthony 'Skenie' Skene from The Poor, who has performed in Raise The Flag at other shows across Australia , brings his own energy to the Bon lyrics. The rhythm section, (The Angels), James Morley and (Raise The Flag) Mick Adkins splitting the twin Marshall stacks and taking on the big task of laying down those standout Angus solos. The pair delivering these songs in true 'Young' fashion. Eddie Parise, (Baby Animals), in the engine room with Yak Sherrit (Diesel/Barnsey), just pump out the hits such as: 'Jailbreak', 'Long Way To The Top', 'Whole Lotta Rosie', and 'If You Want Blood'.


Tickets $30 available at


Friday 14th December Charles Hotel
Saturday 15th December Boulevarde Hotel Joondalup
Sunday 16th DecemberRavenswood Hotel Ravenswood





By Mark Diggins