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The Erotics play dirty Rock and Roll and embody all of those things that people warned you about ‘the Devil’s music’.  Dirty, Sleazy anthems to shout out loud, drink beer to, and get laid after. There’s danger in every groove, evil intent in every song. Everyone needs to listen to The Erotics if they think Rock and Roll isn’t dangerous anymore.  If you are already familiar with the band, or loved their last album loved the last album ‘Today The Devil Tomorrow the World’ then the good news is that there is a new EP due out this month with the tantalising title: 'Boulevard of Choking Screams'.



The Erotics The Interview



Mark: Hi Mike thanks for taking the time to talk to The Rockpit. For those of our readers not familiar with the band can you sum up the sound of the band and its history in a few words?



Mike: Well, we've been around since 1996...and we manage to crank out a new album almost every year or so.


Mark: It doesn’t seem like long since you released the limited edition ‘Rarities and Reacharounds’ how did ‘limited edition’ experiment go down?



Mike: There were some great songs on there. Limited edition is the best way to go nowadays....especially with the decline in CD sales with all digital downloading out there.


Mark: It was great to get an advance listen of the new EP 'Boulevard of Choking Screams', you sound on fine form. How quickly did it come together?  



Mike: Songs came together very quickly, and at the last minute as they always seen to do.


Mark: I hear a bit more Sunset Strip sleaze and a bit less punk on this release. What sort of sound and vibe were you aiming for?


Mike: No, not at all...guess it just came out that way.




The Erotics The Interview



Mark: The lead single from the EP ‘Your Bloody Frankenstein’ is a killer song and already available on I-Tunes you seem to be experimenting with a few different formats and releases at the moment do you think that there is a formula these days for getting your product out there or is it just finding the most effective and convenient way to get the music out, whilst still looking after the core fans?



Mike: Releasing that song via I-Tunes etc...before the actual release of the EP, was probably one of our better brought more attention to the song around Halloween time...and it was one of the top selling Hard Rock songs via CD Baby during that time. The EP is gonna be limited edition as well.


Mark: Have you débuted any of the new songs live yet?



Mike: Yes, Death With A Heartbeat, Your Bloody Frankenstein, and Wheelchair Fantasies!!!


Mark:  Speaking of ‘Death With a Heartbeat’ the first track on the EP and probably my favourite. No one writes songs that cool anymore! Like Alice Cooper fronting early Motley Crue, a great song! 



Mike: Well, thank you...I basically write what I would expect to hear from some of my favourite bands.


Mark: ‘Wheelchair Fantasies of the Dumb and Retarded’ apart from being the catchiest title on the new EP is a great song that captures some of your recurring lyrical themes. What is it about Nuns and Wheelchairs that is so much fun? 



Mike: Mark, have you ever wanked off to a nun in a baby-blue spaz chariot?   I highly recommend it...there's nothing quite like it.


Mark: Hmmm... Moving on! Your last album ‘Today The Devil Tomorrow the World’ was one of my favourite albums of that year. You had press in magazines like classic rock and got some great reviews. Do you feel a new momentum for the band?



Mike: We've reached a level back in 2007 after the release of 30 Seconds Over's been pretty much the same level ever since.



The Erotics The Interview



Mark: Is the ‘Best Of’ album that was shelved a few years back likely to see the light of day soon?



Mike: Maybe, but we keep write new material, so we're not sure when that will happen.


Mark: The Erotics have been around for some time now and you’ve always been one of my favourites on the scene, but that big break seems to have always eluded you so far. How hard is it these days to get that exposure, or to be able to capitalise on good press?



Mike: Well, far..we're been one of those 'just under the radar' bands.


Mark: Do you think as a band you are ahead of your time or born too late?      



Mike: A little bit of both.


Mark: I know you’ve said in a number of influences that some of your major influences over the years have been  Alice Cooper, AC/DC and the Ramones but is there anyone slightly left field that have influenced you as a musician?  



Mike: Yes, I grew up listening to a lot of AM radio as a child in the 70's...such as Elton John etc...stuff people would never expect from me.


Mark: What advice do you have for young kids out there thinking of picking up a guitar and aiming for Rock and Roll glory?



Mike: If you love it, do it.





Mark: The Erotics have had a number of line up changes over the years do you think that these have set you back in any way or have they all propelled the band forwards?



Mike: Well we've had a pretty solid line-up over nearly 5 years now..Johnny's been in the band for nearly 8 years, and Billy for 5.


Mark: What are you listening to at the moment?



Mike: An AM Radio oldies station in my car.


Mark: You have a number of live shows coming up both at home and in the UK. What’s the scene like back where you are from? And how do you find the audiences in the UK?



Mike: Our hometown is hit or miss lately...people would rather go out and hear a cover band...even though they probably hear those songs like 10 times earlier that day on the radio. The UK 'gets us' and our warped sense of humour, more so, then the rest of the world does.


Mark: I’m always fascinated by writers who just seem to always be able to come up with the perfect hook. How would you describe your process? Do the songs constantly flow or do you plan them? Or maybe they creep up on you in your sleep? 



Mike: They creep up...I can't force it.


Mark: Not many artists can put together a song as catchy as you. Have you ever considered a career as the Dianne Warren of sleaze?



Mike: Well. I guess that's possible...I was once even called 'The Desmond Child of degenerate rock'.


Mark: What are The Erotics and Mike Trash’s plans for the rest of 2012?



Mike: Already have ideas for more songs...we'll see where that goes.


Mark: If you could have been involved with the creation of any piece of music at any point in time what would it have been and why?



Mike: Probably early Alice 1970-74.


Mark: And a quick one to end on – what is the meaning of life?



Mike: Nuns and Spaz Chariots...Carry On!!!



Mark: I think you may be the only person to give that answer.... so far.



You can catch up with Mike and the Erotics here:!/mike.trash1





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