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The new album is out now what's the initial reaction been like?



I gave my Grandma a Copy. She loved it. Especially ‘Feed me to the Pigs’.



Tell us a little bit about how the songs came together?



Most of ‘em come out of us making noise together in our Jam Space, some were written on the road waking up in some rat infested room. A couple are Blues Traditionals which we’ve fucked up and done our way. We stole ‘Bo Creek’ off Downtown Dave. We let him play Harmonica on the album for that song. You can hear it you just got to lean in real hard.



Nice album shot too, I have to ask - what beer was that - we think you should get an endorsement!



That's a bottle of the finest EB -Emu bitter. Clearly the album did wonders for them, as two days after it's release, the brewery announced that they were closing up shop in WA and moving to SA.



You describe your sound as 'Lowdown Jungle Stomp' but there's a rawness and a good portion of the blues in there and at times Luke sounds like Tom Waits has joined the New York Dolls after flirting with the Doors, can you expand on that for us?



That’s pretty much my record collection. But more Captain Beefheart than the Doors.



The album sounds really organic: like a jam session that you've managed to capture on tape tell us about the recording process?



That's pretty much exactly how it was recorded. We jammed out the songs about twice each in a hardwood kitchen/living room that doubles as a recording studio, straight to tape. All live tracked, no overdubs. That's how we sound best. Ryan Blew up 2 Bass Rigs. You can here that at the end of the record.



We love the new album 'Dead Beat' there's some great songs and some very interesting and sometimes dark lyrics. How do you start to write with a riff, a jam or an idea and a lyric or does it vary?



Each song is different. Aileen originally started off as a Country song about Aileen Wuornos and I took it to the band and Ryan and Ash morphed it into some kind of surf punk monster. Most of the Lyrics were written just before we went into the studio and listening back to the album I got half of em wrong.



Let's look at a few of the songs: 'You've Got to Move' that opens the album has a great groove to it and provides a great opening statement, some great guitar too was it hard to choose the album opener?



That one kind of made sense for us. It was the first song we wrote together when Ash joined the band. The Dirty Wall of Sound Bass sets the tone for the rest of the album.



'Come Stand in the Fire' is one of our favourites it's got an absolutely irresistible groove?



That’s the oldest song on the record. It almost didn’t make it on there glad you like it.



We love the dirty traditional blues of closer 'Feed Me to the Pigs' which shows a real reverence for the genre without sounding anachronistic, very much blues for today?



Its our way of doing it. Rob Grant at Poon's Head was the fourth musician on that one. He was pulling and stretching the tape while we were recording, then the Tape machine took a life of its own and went out of control.



There's a real 'retro revival' at the moment with everyone from The Black Keys to The White Stripes bringing back a more authentic earthy sound , do you see that as a reaction to the synthesized pop we have to put up with these days - people actually starting to listen to 'real music' again?



If society gave us what we want we wouldn’t have rock n roll or punk. We need the synthesized pop music to give us something to react against. The Retro Revival’s been happening since the 60’s when the British discovered Muddy Waters. I’m waiting for the Gregorian Chant revival.



You are just about to play Margaret River after a great launch at the Amplifier in Perth, then you take the tour East are you looking forward to getting back out there any flying the flag for the West?



The launch was fun. Finally getting the Album out. Can’t wait to continue you the party East. Ryan and I have been playing Settlers Tavern Margaret River since we were 16. Always love playing down there. Always proud to be a WA band. We made us a mix album of our favourite WA bands to play at the upcoming gigs.



You live show is great, so much energy up there on stage and you put on such a tight show is that where the magic happens for you?



We write our music to be played live. Get drunk, spit on each other, and yell at the crowd. We’re tight in a loose way. The trick is to make mistakes all at the same time.







We love the power you get for a three piece, such a lean, uncluttered sound with no fat on the bone; I imagine you guys jam a lot?



We make a lot of noise together between drinks. Ryan and I have been playing in bands together since we could walk so its second nature.



Who would you say has most influenced you as a musician? Are they any surprising influences the band has?



Ash doesn't listen to a shred of blues, despite being lent countless CDs of listening material and never returning them. If it was made before 1992, you probably won't find it in his music collection.



Based in Perth Western Australia, even though we have a thriving music scene sometimes it's hard to break out - what's the Floors game plan for world domination?



Bigger. Louder.



What's you take on the local scene and who should we be checking out?



Thee Gold Blooms are great and are joining us in Margaret River. The world needs to hear The Painkillers.



Where is the most interesting place you have been on your travels?



We once did a gig in a Church for some magazine. We got through One Song. I think they thought we were someone else.



Who do you listen to these days?



A Perth band ‘The Rats’ just re-released their ‘All Fucked Up’ Album. That’s been on high rotation. Ryan’s been listening to a lot of Miles Davis lately. Its always scary when a Bass player gets into Jazz. Ash is obsessed with the insane Welsh punk and lyrical brilliance of Future of the Left at the moment.



If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?



Our Tours with the Kill Devil Hills are always fun. Lots of water and vitamins.



If you could have been involved in the recording of any piece of music at any point in time what would it be any why?



Muddy Waters 'Electric Mud'. But with us backing him.



My final question, quickly, what is the meaning of life?



To Build, Destroy and Fuck.



Thank you for speaking to the Rockpit and good luck over East, I hope to catch you in Sydney.





By Leslie Phillips