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Jase: Hi, Ella, how’s your day going, having your debut single released?




Ella: Hey, you know what; I had completely forgotten it was being released today! I feel like I have been sitting on it for so long and now I am totally stoked to have it out there. Between me and you, I don’t think you can technically download it yet! I think the idea was to have it out on Friday, but you night want to check with my PR if that is actually the case!




Jase: That’s cool! I have actually listened to it, and I love it! When I first listened to it, I was immediately intrigued by the beat, like an empty whisky bottle and bits of wood thing going on, where did you come up with that?




Ella: Thanks, as soon as I started banging on a bottle the whole song kind of just fell out of me, and I thought, man, I should try and write more beats, as I am definitely consciously trying to change up my writing style on this album, and it really worked! I thought as soon as I had the beat, this is going to be a good one! I’m glad you can hear that.




Jase: Was it different recording that beat, as opposed to setting up a whole drum kit, was it easier?




Ella: It was so different because I was in this one room with all this stuff to bang on, and my producer was in the console room shouting keep whacking that stuff as I’m recording it!! Then we layered it all up together and created the backbone of the song. I then did the vocals, which was unusual, from going from percussion to vocals, I think that’s why it is the way it is, as it is built around percussion lines, not chords.




Jase: Yes, I like the way there’s a hidden complexity there, in what is a real simple beat and melody, and then it kicks in with that “chain gang” kind of vibe. What’s the deal with Graveyard Train? How did you meet those guys and get them involved?




Ella: Well, I was really lucky, as soon as I started doing the track I thought what would be really awesome, would be the “chain gang” kind of chanting, and the producer and I started singing it ourselves and it sounded really lame!! It sounded awful, so we thought we’d give Graveyard Train a call, who is actually friends of mine, so I was really lucky they were the perfect guys for the job. They owed me a favour, as I sang on a couple of their records, so it worked out beautifully.




Jase: Yeah, it sounds great with the deep vocals, and the way they look on the clip, it’s perfect, and kind of freaky!!




Ella: Yes, I needed some bearded men to feature and look all dark and mysterious; I had to paint them all black!!




Jase: What, you personally?




Ella; Yes, I was very hands on, I was art director and co-creator of the video clip, so I was definitely getting my hands on the black paint and the lighting, it was really fun.




Jase: The film clip is like a real trip, it has a disturbed nature to it. When I was watching it, I had a sense of you no longer Killing Heidi, more like you’d killed Heidi and buried her in a pine forest!!




Ella: Totally, that is so good, I like that!! The whole record thing is about that, it’s about becoming a woman out of the ashes of your teens and your twenties, and this thing called Saturn returning which is an astrological shift and a phase that really f***s you up and challenges you, and this record is about that. killing your inner Heidi and becoming this new, stronger person.




Jase: Excellent, I love it!! The lyrics are mature, with a dark vibe, and the passion in the vocals goes hand in hand with the film clip.




Ella; Yeah, it’s much darker for me and the whole record is darker than my previous music, and it feels really right for me at the moment to go that way. But, there are also a couple of lighter shades in there as well, and a couple of songs, like you might remember me for, a bit more up beat with driving guitars.




Jase: Can’t wait to hear the rest of it, when is it scheduled to come out?




Ella: It’s scheduled for late February, early March, that’s what I’m aiming for.




Jase: That’s still a bit of a wait.




Ella: Yeah, but to me it’s like Oh, god, I have to get it ready by then!! There are still a lot of little things to do. I mean, I can’t wait to get it out there, but I also want it to be perfect.




Jase: Cool! How was the film clip experience? Did you manage to do it in one night?




Ella: We intended to take one night, that was the plan, but we had to change a few little things as we went along, so it ended up going over two nights and I had to send my friends and helpers some whisky and say we will get it done tonight!! So, I convinced them to stay and do another take!




Jase: I love at the end of the clip, the whole ragdoll/puppet effect; did you come up with that yourself?




Ella: Yes, that was one of my first ideas for the clip, when we didn’t know if it would be indoors or outdoors. I had this vision; I am really small and short, and light, so a lot of my friends pick me up and literally throw me around when they hug me! So, the idea came from this really nice, playful thing that my friends do with me. But then I thought let’s turn it on its head and do this by picking me up and hold me and yank me about like I can’t control myself. The song is about being out of control of your own emotions.




Jase: It was very effective, and really captured my attention.




Ella: I was having fun! I was like pull me harder, make it look more intense!! I had to convince everyone they wouldn’t hurt me!!




Jase: I noticed in your press release you were talking about dancing, and comparing it to people being vacant and robotic. I think you actually said “faking the party” which I thought was a cool play on words, instead of “faking the part”. Is this how you feel generally about the music industry at the moment? Or is it just about where you are in your life at the moment?




Ella: Yes, thanks! It’s definitely from a few different things. It’s basically about a few of my nearest and dearest, friends, who a couple of them have manic depression, or bipolar, and I know when they are going through it, they have to put on these fake smiles, and just try and get through their days. They have to go out to parties and socialise, you know, normal stuff, but underneath is this turmoil, and the dancing was about people going through the motions. For me, I am a very happy person, and I get away with having this pretty intense lifestyle in which I am grounded and happy with. So, the song is about my friends’ experiences, more than my own. But, I can relate to the “faking the party” for when you have to do stuff that you are not really in to!




Jase: Yeah, that’s heavy stuff to deal with.




Ella: Yes, it is pretty heavy, but I think it’s more common than we realise, if people would just talk about it, or sing about it, it’s just part of life!




Jase: Are there any plans for a tour? 




Ella: Definitely! I am rehearsing with the band right now, so we’ll be popping up on a few blogs with a few performances, over the next couple of months, and then we are really keen to get out on the road, probably around when we release the album. I have a really great band with some beautiful people, and I just want to make sure that everything gels and it sounds awesome!




Jase: How many people have you got in the band?




Ella: well, I try to keep it small, but like everything I do, it snowballs and gets bigger, so we are now at five members. We have keys, bass, guitar, drums and me! And of course the whisky bottle!!



Jase: I hope you are playing that!!




Ella: I did start playing that, but then I couldn’t keep the beat whilst I was singing, so I gave it to the drummer, I said hold it under your foot and beat it with the stick!




Jase: Does it have to be a top shelf whisky bottle?




Ella: I’ve actually found a wine bottle works better, because it’s thicker and tougher and looks like it won’t smash everywhere!




Jase: So, are you guys planning on coming over to Perth?




Ella: Oh, my god, I would love to, it’s been too long! I love coming to Perth, it’s one of my favourite places to play. I have a lot of friends and fans on Facebook and Twitter, in WA, so we are definitely coming over to Perth.




Jase: Yes, I was checking out your Facebook page yesterday, and it seems you have a personal thing going on with your fans, more of a friendship, than a band/fan relationship.




Ella: Yeah, thanks, it’s really nice when people notice that. Now that I’m an independent artist, it’s amazing how much connection and communication you get with the fans, and you get to say anything you want, I do try and get back to everyone on Facebook and Twitter, and build up a real relationship about the music and about other things as well.




Jase: It does make people feel more involved and they become more dedicated.




Ella: Yes, and especially as I can’t tour as much as I would like, yet. So, I really want to be in touch with them, as I’m not popping up in their local bar every week. It’s nice to stay in touch that way and keep them abreast of everything that is going on.




Jase: So, have you been doing lots of interviews?




Ella: It’s been a big day, as I’ve been doing a radio show, that I do down here in Melbourne, called Radar, and it plays nationally, I then had a couple more interviews, one more after this and then I’m free.




Jase: I have heard you on Radar, how’s that going for you?




Ella: Really good. For me as a muso, I get to chat to other musicians and get to do what I do, so it’s been awesome!




Jase: And you probably get to play “Low High” on rotation!




Ella: Totally, I love it, I get to put it on, but when they want me to play it and introduce it, it sounds so crooked, if I’m playing my own song!! It’s a little awkward!!




Jase: Yeah, it must be bazaar; you could always tap along on the whisky bottle!




Ella: Or, turn on the mike and do some real time vocals!!




Jase: Thank you so much for your time today, it’s been really cool and heaps of fun.




Ella: Thank you and I look forward to reading it on the site.




Jase: Looking forward to you coming to Perth, and we can “rock out!!”




Ella: You should definitely come, we’ll keep you posted. We’ll try and get you down there, I am so excited and so keen to come to Perth, and you have no idea!!




Jase: Have a great day, and good luck with the single, and the new album.





By Jase Le Scale

Jase is singer/Guitarist for local band The Corner - check them out at