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Cherri Bomb
This Is The End Of Control


By Todd Jolicouer


How odd is it that a band comprised of all young ladies would call themselves Cherri Bomb? Not that odd when you consider the name was a hit for one of the original all girl rock groups. Do these girls rock as hard as The Runaways did? Well, let's take their new disc out for a spin and see.


"Take This Now" is a quirky intro - nothing more or less. "Better This Way" is a good track that introduces you to a couple different facets of this band. The musicianship is really good and the vocals are great. "Raw. Real." Is another song that welcomes you into the world of Cherri Bomb. This track adds a couple more components to what we saw on the last track. I think these girls may have something here. "Shake The Ground" was the first track I heard from these guys, as it was on the Avengers Assemble soundtrack. I enjoyed that enough to buy this disc when it dropped. This is a solid rocker from top to bottom that features some cool guitar work and a few exceptional drum fills.


"Too Many Faces" starts off really slow - almost a minute of build up. Once it kicks in, the song is solid and builds on all the other tracks here. The vocals are emotion filled and draw you into the mind of the writer easily. "Let It Go" is a very pop-driven rock song. The chorus is catchy and I totally see this being rocked out as an anthem live to rally the audience. This disc keeps getting better with every song. "Sacrificial Lamb" kicks off with a cool riff and drum intro with some vocals. This song is short sweet and a rocker. "Act The Part" is probably the first song that I didn't love out of the gate. It took a few listens, but it grew on me. This one has a feel that you are either going to like or dislike.


"Drawing A Blank" is a bit bland, but solid bland. It has all the things you want in a good rock tune: cool guitar riff, awesome bass line, and monster drums. Somehow it has the cool components, but slightly misses the mark. "Heart Is A Hole" comes along and picks back up where the previous track lacked… vocals and lyrics that bring you face to face with emotion. There is just something in the lead vocals that make this a killer rock ballad. If you doubt me, wait until you hear the killer guitar solo about mid-song. "Paper Doll" takes the momentum and runs with it. This charged up rocker picks the pace up and brings the heat. The chorus is great and the vocals really rise to the occasion. The chorus is almost tribal in origin. "Hold On" closes this disc with a great track that leans a little more towards modern rock than the other tracks here. There are some cool guitar twangs and teases along with grittier vocals than the previous tracks.


Not sure where these ladies came from, but so glad they did. I loved The Runaways and The Donnas. I am now moving these young ladies above the latter on the chart, as I think they understand the need to maintain a classic rock sound while keeping your feet planted in the modern. Welcome to the club Cherri Bomb. Your admission is well deserved.



Review posted 29 June 2012