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SLASH featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators
Apocalyptic Love

Sony, May 2012



By Will Hollands



Dirty Riffs, Melody, Shredding, Fist Pumping, Gang Vocals and of course one of the finest guitar sounds ever to grace the world’s ears! Slash is back with his second and newest release “Apocalyptic Love” but this time with the ever so incredible Myles Kennedy on vocals and a fully fledged band consisting of the finest musicians the world has ever seen!


The clicking of drumsticks by Brent Fitz and then BOOM! The signature guitar tone from the sexy Les Paul we all wanted and expected to hear from this album roars in with another signature Slash “Wah” riff. My ears rejoice as the title track ‘Apocalyptic Love’ blasts through my speakers with the ferocity that I’d hoped for. Dynamically brilliant with a superb solo by the man himself, I couldn’t have thought of a better way to start a record! (And believe me; after I heard “Ghost” from the first record I had high expectations!)


“One last Thrill” is along the same lines! Another absolutely killer, fast paced track with a vocally great performance by Myles Kennedy and phenomenal back-ups by Mr Todd “Dammit” Kerns. This track has everything, including another wicked guitar solo and pounding drums by Fitzy, definitely one that if nailed, would go off live.


“Standing in the Sun” is fat with a massive rhythm backbone by Kerns and Fitz who have fast become my favourite rhythm section in the world. A catchy chorus and great rhythm guitar combine to keep the pace moving nicely.


For those fans out there who have already heard the first single “You’re a Lie” you know that it oozes everything thing you could want in a song. One of the finest riffs, a song you can either stamp your foot to or head bang to. (Or like me, both) A HUGE chorus and amazing guitar parts which compliment the song to produce the perfect choice for a first single which is set to already be a fan favourite live.


At this point I don’t know what to think!? An album in which every song has been equally amazing is almost unheard of in today’s day and age, but alas it continues in the same style.


“No More Heroes” is a great track with an easily recognisable chorus and heartfelt guitar which would leave fists pumping live. The next track “Halo” has the sleaziest old school riff I have heard in a LONG time and at this point, I am wetting my pants in happiness. Currently my favourite track on the record, fans young and old will enjoy this creation of pure godliness by Slash and his indescribably amazing band. I thoroughly enjoyed his first solo album, and was wondering what it would be like having Myles Kennedy sing on every track, but I’ll tell you what, tracks like this consolidate why I love pure rock ‘n’ roll!


“We Will Roam” is a slower tempo song and for me is my least favourite song on the record....... but you know what?? It still kicks major ass and is definitely not a downer to any extent!


“We Will Roam” leads into some beautiful acoustic guitar playing by Slash on the track “Anastasia” and just when you think you have heard the ballad Slash hardly ever writes, BANG, melody galore. I love this track and everything about it. The lead up is incomprehensively good and the solos are limitless.


“Not for Me” and “Bad Rain” leave my tapping my foot along once again to the greatness of The Conspirators. Man, these guys are killer and the perfect band for Slash. “Not for Me” features my favourite vocals by Myles Kennedy, and “Bad Rain” is another highlight with a smooth, groovy rock track.


“Hard and Fast” is just as the name suggests: incredibly awesome, hard and....... fast? YES! I can’t keep up and have to replay this track several times to capture everything. This is just brilliant and definitely a favourite for me and one that would get any crowd jumping!


After a song with the quickness and ferocity of “Hard and Fast,” it is only fitting to have the ballad placed after it. “Far and Away” is a beautiful demonstration of Myles Kennedy’s heart and soul as he takes the listener into another place with his mesmerising vocals for 5 minutes and 14 seconds. Slash’s solo in this track is equally brilliant and makes me want to go right away and learn it on guitar.


The last track “Shots Fired” is balls to wall rock the way it’s supposed to sound. No messing around at all with a killer guitar riff once again and a great chorus backed up with monstrous backing vocals once again by Todd Kerns.


“Apocalyptic Love” leaves me reflecting on the 54 minutes and 24 seconds I have just had the honour of witnessing and realising that not only has Slash delivered an album that breaks all the rules but could well be my favourite album of 2012 so far. A huge signature guitar sound that is easily recognisable by any listener around the globe, accompanied by the sleazy riffs that we have grown to love through the decades. Slash has exceeded my expectations of this album and having Myles Kennedy on it makes it ever so much sweeter. Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz deserve equally as much praise as they are the backbone and rhythm side behind the whole project which makes it even more kick ass. Having a full band with creative ideas has helped Slash here and this album deserves every bit of praise it receives. Possibly the only guitar hero that gives a damn to bring us signature rock and roll these days? I think so!


Go and get this record NOW! (Especially so you know the tunes when he plays them live in Australia this August!) A stellar effort and one that will not be leaving my CD player anytime soon.



Review posted 24 May 2012