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Royal Thunder



By Todd Jolicouer


What happens if you take a musical blender and mix up a little Jerry Garcia, heavy metal, and oestrogen? You get Royal Thunder.


"Parsonz Curse" is a moody dark rocker with a great vibe to it. If this track has any bearing on the rest of this disc, we are in for a good ride. "Whispering World" has a great Southern rock styled riff to open the track and the rest of the song follows suit - a good rocking vibe. "Shake and Shift," which clocks in over 9 minutes long, is chock full of riffs designed for a jam band. "No Good" brings the pace back to rock. This one has cool background/layered vocals.


"Blue" clocks in at just less than 10 minutes, but doesn't seem to drag on and on. The way the momentum of the songs shifts in spots almost fools your ears into believing you are actually listening to different songs. "Sleeping Witch" is another groove laden song that is perfect for listening to for jam purposes or as background while working. "South of Somewhere" kicks along keeping the disc on track as a good jam metal album. You can't help but feel like you have entered a garage full of instruments and smoke… these songs are laid back, but not lazy.


"Drown" is another long track, but features some great drumming and cool vocals, especially near the end of the track. "Minus" is the shortest track on the disc, and to be honest, if you aren't paying attention, you will miss it. Not that it is bad, just blends in to the preceding and succeeding songs. "Black Water Vision" brings the disc home. This song features a couple cool time changes and some great riffing layered underneath the drums and vocals, but if you are paying attention, you will hear it.


This disc certainly won't be a hit at any dance parties, but if you want to get your metal on and be laid back about it, this is the disc for you. This should come across really well live as well… no huge mosh pits to worry about!!!



Review posted l0 May 2012