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Marilyn Manson
Born Villain
Released 2012, Cooking Vinyl



By Helen Hosie


Love him or hate him, the self proclaimed God of Fuck is back. After a three year break joining him once again is his partner in crime Twiggy Ramirez. Many said that the music and the phenomon that was Manson was dying after two albums "The Golden Age of Grotesque" and "Eat Me
Drink Me " caused a divide in fans around the world - some thought he had lost his touch and was going too mainstream, others stood by their idol.

2009 gave us "The High End of Low" where he was once again re united with Ramirez, with a different sound and the band now minus long standing member John 5, things certainly were changing. The talents of Chris Vrenna gave things an edge but still didnt get the fans eager.

At the end of 2011 news broke on the Manson website that the band would release a new album - when twice the album launch was cancelled, Manson claiming it wasnt ready, and also news broke that his long term drummer Ginger Fish had relieved Manson of his services, it was like history repeating itself.


Finally on April 4th 2012 a short film was realeased, directed and co written by Transformers star Shia LaBeouf, titled "Born Villain" starting
with an eery red lit room and Manson hacking off womens hair while a bell chimed. I knew he was back and better than ever, feeding my Goth soul.


Being a MASSIVE Manson fan I do know the difference between his good albums and his bad ones and this one my fellow rocklings is one of his best. WHY????? I hear you ask!! Well let me tell you.


This album had me excited from the first sexy Manson drawl, I was once again hooked. "Overneath The Path of Misery " Manson creeply childlike voices this " A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. This is a Tale told by an Idiot full of Sound and Fury"than bang it begins - the guitar talents of Ramirez apart and strong and Manson shreiks and makes his presence known.


"No Reflection", being the first track to be released from the album, is another strong in your face track, the one that did cause concern for me was
the track "Your So Vain" which featured Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. All I have to say is WTF were you thinking?!?!


On the whole I loved this album - it sounds cleaner and is obvious Manson seems to have got his act together and has gave us an album that is worth listening to more than once. Its time for all the haters to stop hating and give it a well deserved listen.


Track listing

Hey Cruel World
No Reflection
Pistol Whipped
Overneath The Path of Misery
The Gardener
The Flowers of Evil
Children Of Cain
Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms
Murderers Are Getting Prettier Everyday
Born Villain
Breaking The Same Old Ground
Your So Vain(feat Johnny Depp)



Review posted 6th June 2012