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Worlds Best Band



By Shayne Bishop


KLII have a sound that is rooted firmly in the 70’s. From the first riffs of opening track “The Boat”, it is clearly evident that they are influenced heavily by the likes of Cheap Trick, Status Quo, KISS, The Sweet and Thin Lizzy. “Outta Control” doesn’t do anything that “The Boat” didn’t do before it, “Substitute Love” slows things right down with a nice bluesy groove, but at 7 minutes long, it drags on far longer than necessary. Although all of the tracks on this debut album are originals, it feels a lot like I’m listening to a set of covers. “Number One” amps it back up with a Status Quo riff and chorus. This is probably the most enjoyable song on the record.

“True Fine Love” opens with a nice groove, and features the best vocal performance of all the tracks, as well as being the most original. “STL” puts me in mind of Billy Ray Cyrus, which is NOT a good thing, although the track does contain a nice, but short lead break. “Another Girl like You” is another slower song, and again, at almost 6 minutes, I find this one going far too long.

As “Stop this Train” begins, I am again put in mind of a country rock band, but this one is done quite well, and I find myself enjoying this track. The 70’s vibe comes rushing back for “Cryin’ in the Dark”, which is a very well done song. I am glad to have found a few songs to like on this record, because I really wanted it to be good. I think KLII probably should have culled 5 or 6 songs from this collection and concentrated on the best songs to make a good EP, rather than throwing everything on an album and hoping for the best. The album would have benefitted as well from a much better production overall.

The final two songs are “Na Na Song” which is one song that in my opinion should have been left off and “Destination” which is one of the songs that should have made the final cut of a 5 track EP, rather than being the final song on an 11 track album.

There are things that work on this record. Unfortunately, there are more things that don’t work, and it brings the whole thing down. KLII have the potential for a great sound, and great songs, they just need to find their feet, and really hone their craft.