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Five Finger Death Punch
American Capitalist


By David Vaickus


I have been familiar with Five Finger Death Punch long before they broke. I remember finding Jeremy Spencer's (5FDP Drummer) Myspace page through a mutual friend back in 2006. If any of you remember Myspace once you clicked on someones profile a song would automatically play. When I clicked on Jeremy's page a song called "Ashes" blasted through my speakers. I was blown away. I then did a little more research and found out the song "Ashes" was by his band called Five Finger
Death Punch. At the time they were just a local band from LA. About a year later their debut album came out and the rest is history. They currently have 2 gold albums with their latest album, American Capitalist, debuting at number 3 in the US with 91,000 copies sold in the first week.

American Capitalist is an extremely strong album from top to bottom. It's diversified, has excellent production and the songwriting has vastly improved. They have the usual heavy hitters like "American Capitalist" and "Menace" but then diversify themselves with tracks like "Coming Down" and "Remember Everything". "Remember Everything" is a track that is unlike anything Five Finger Death Punch have ever done before. It actually sounds very reminiscent of an 80's metal power ballad. An extremely well written track that will definitely alienate some hardcore metal fans but in my opinion is one of the best songs on the album.

The rest of the album is much more cohesive. "The Pride," "Generation Dead," "Back For More," "Wicked Ways," and "If I Fall" are all mid tempo rockers with great hooks and melodies but still provide the usual double bass and screams 5FDP fans have become accustom to.

My favorite track on the album is actually the bonus track on the deluxe iTunes edition. It's a song called "The Tragic Truth." This tune starts off with an acoustic guitar intro and soon gets layered with many guitars and Ivans eerie vocals. The vocals then weave in and out of different lines with the background vocals carrying a chord which then ends the chorus with a scream. The song then flows into an extremely melodic guitar solo with an interesting rhythm and climaxes with some harmonies at the end. Truly a phenomenal song which proves just how great of a band Five Finger Death Punch really is.

Easily one of the best albums of 2011 and definitely Five Finger Death Punch's best effort to date!