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Elle King
The Elle King EP


By Todd Jolicouer


I wasn't sure what to think of an EP from a woman who placed a track on VH1's Mob Wives Chicago, but I was willing to give it a shot and see what came of it. I am very glad I did. This is an eclectic mix of tracks that are well crafted and arranged in order to show the diversity in Ms. King's repertoire.


"Playing For Keeps" is a cool track that seems to cool for itself. The instrumentation is very cool with piano and guitar that play off each other while Elle graces the tune with a voice that is different, yet familiar. Her gravel coated crooning takes this track to the next level, but it doesn't end there. "Good To Be A Man" has an intro that sounds as if it could be a ukulele, but have no fear, Elle is not channeling Tiny Tim or Eddie Vedder; she retains her sexy and cool vocal styling that makes this song her own. "No One Can Save You" is a cool track that features Elle's voice prominently overtop of a very light melody played on some type of stringed instrument. "My Neck, My Back" is the biggest surprise here. You realize a few seconds in this is a live track when you hear an audience, an acoustic guitar and Elle pronounce into the microphone 'If you don't want to hear a filthy song, get the fuck out please.' If you have no rap knowledge or at least very limited like me, you may not know this song.


I had to look it up, but only because I have to say, I have never heard a song about giving a woman head before. Seriously, how many times in your life will you hear a woman sing lyrics about licking her? As novel the idea is, she really pulls it off here.


This was just released digitally on June 12. Go download it. What are you waiting for? Don't overlook this - go download it. It is totally worth the price of admission. I can't wait to see what Elle can do when she is allowed to put out more than an EP.



Review posted 29 June 2012