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Electric Touch
Never Look Back


By Todd Jolicouer


This random email shows up in my inbox explaining a new disc is coming out from a band that got my info while touring with the Warped Tour last year. After one listen, I am so glad they reached out. Pay attention to these guys… you will most likely hear their name again.


"Don't Stop" kicks off in grand style with great drums fills and guitar work underneath a very catchy chorus. This is a great way to grab the listener and make them pay attention to what you have to offer. "Beautiful Mess" keeps it going with vocals that perk your ears and almost force you to pay attention. These youngsters get it - they understand the need for infectious grooves and rhythms. "I Can't Wait" sounds like so many other songs, but is unique in its presentation. It is the quintessential pop song. This disc is so good, it is like a train wreck - no matter how hard you may try, you can't help but pay attention. "Do It Again" is the first song that didn't grab me. Don't get me wrong; it is a good song, it just didn't jump down my throat like the previous three tracks.


"Alone" has a great keyboard and vocals intro. The lyrics tell the oft told story of love and loss, but vocalist Shane Lawlor does something to make you feel his pain. This song, although slower than most presented here, is very strong and a good listen. "All The Love" kicks in like an older U2 song, with its ghostly guitar work, compliments of Christopher Messina. This style is swirled through out the song and adds to the end result. "Magnetic" has that big guitar sound and solid drumming from Louis Messina, Jr. This track is upbeat and sure to be one of the better tracks live. It screams to be performed in front of a crowd. The chorus just has that feel.


"Tears In The Dark" has a very different feel to it. Although it doesn't seem to fit the pattern of this album, it some how feels right presented amongst the other songs. It really becomes prevalent when the chorus jump starts and takes you along for the ride. "Human Factor" has a chunky guitar riff and bold vocal intro… you even get some cool drum fills in the background. Once the song really gets rolling, it seems to entrance the listener with its pop quality while remaining rooted in rock. The keyboard in the background, as subtle as it is, reminds me of the importance of a simple line of music. "Dominos" helps bring the disc home. Again, the guys turn from the poppy groove from the beginning of the disc, but don't lose their feel for it. It is almost as if you have watched the band grow in the last thirty or so minutes. This track left me wanting more. Hopefully they can build on what they have done here and drop another great disc on us… soon!


Electric Touch. It sends several images to mind immediately, but from here on out, it will put that guilty pleasure smile on my face, as I can say I have been touched - and am all the better for it. Thanks for keeping it real and not being afraid to lighten it up a bit guys.



Review posted 25 May 2012