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Retrospective 2002-2012


By Todd Jolicouer


What do you do when you have never heard of a band and you are handed a retrospective collection? Normally I would cringe, as I think, how great can their songs be if I have never heard of them. How wrong I was in that thinking after I listened to this collection from Elan my friend Steve sent me. Normally I run through the disc and comment on every tune, but this two-disc collection has 31 gems on it, so I will hit the high points - and there are a lot of them..


Disc opener "Bad Days Are Gone" is from the bands latest disc, 'See Us Spin.' The song tears the lid off and rocks you to your core. If this is any indication, I am going to dig this band. Kinda has a Garbage feel to it. "The Winning Numbers" (from 'What Can Be Done At This Point') has a very etheral feel and vibe to it - a great non-rocker. "Stranger" (from 'See Us Spin') helps us to see the band in a bluesier light. The guitar lead in is incredible if you dig the blues. The vocals add to the groove. The pop-rock side rears it head on the next track, "The Action" (taken from 'See Us Spin'). "Whatever It Takes" (from 'London Express') brings that Garbage feel back. I love the vocals here - very sensual in quality and tone. "Still Breathing" (from 'Shine') is a good mellow tune that helps break up the songs on this disc from all sounding the same.


"My Last Sting" (from 'What Can Be Done At This Point') is haunting, but not scary… the vocals here are beautiful - probably the most attention grabbing on this collection. "Beautiful Skies" (from 'Lost And Found') is another song that sounds different from anything else presented here. There is something about the music on this one that stands out. "This Old Machine" (from 'See Us Spin') has a chunky guitar riff that draws you in. Still not sure if I love this song or not, but it can't be ignored, that's for sure. "Street Child" (from 'Street Child') has a gutteral and "real" quality to the vocals that evokes the pain and misery in the lyrics. "Rerun" (from 'Regular Weird People') takes a little getting used to, but the chorus is catchy and easy on the ears and lips. "Hideaway" (from 'Street Child') is another song that I enjoy, but not quite sure why… maybe it is the big choral arrangement, which is phenominal.


"Start Your Engines" (from 'Regular Weird People') sounds exactly as you would expect it to. The sexy riff and sulty vocals will totally start your internal engine running. "More Than Her" (from 'Regular Weird People') has a cool musical intro and rhythm. The guitar riffs in the song are subtle and cool as hell. "Shine" (from 'Shine') has a cool vibe to it and a different sound to the vocal track. I really enjoy that not every song sounds the same and that as this collection progresses you can see the growth that has taken place in the band. "Someday I Will Be" (from 'London Express') is another song this band seems to pull off with the haunting vocals that draw you in and make you stop and listen, if only for a minute. "Fold" (from 'Lost And Found') follows course with the previous track and seems to hypnotize the listener. "Get Your Blue" (from 'London Express') masterfully weaves the different instruments with the vocals and creates a great piece of music.


To quote the press release on their managements website: "After 15 years, 7 albums, 1.7 million records sold on their own, and countless shows, this band is going to perform for the first time in the US in 2012 and beyond. They are a fluke, a rare concoction of the wrong place at the wrong time. That is the best kind. If you can, go see them. You’ll hear a lot about them in times to come. They were “uncool” before being “uncool” was cool." When they travel near me, you can bet your ass I will be "uncool".



Review posted 28 May 2012