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Dead Cells
Tear Down the Heavens



By Shayne Bishop

Dead Cells are clearly a very hard working band. They formed in 2009 in the U.K, and since their formation the band has released four demos, two singles and a video clip. Now comes their debut EP “Tear Down the Heavens” which was released on February 27th 2012.


Dead Cells have crafted a sound that incorporates hard rock guitars, funky bass guitars, rock solid drumming and a very soulful vocal style, influenced by the likes of Deep Purple. Sometimes when a band has such an eclectic mix of styles and influences, a song, or entire CD, can wind up sounding like nothing more than a mish mash of thrown together bits and pieces, but Dead Cells have managed to make everything work, and work quite well.


Opening with “Sunshine” which is a straight ahead rocker, really sets the pace for what is to come. If you don’t find your foot tapping along to this one, your ears aren’t doing their job properly!


Track two is the simply awesome “Here Be Dragons”. Possibly the best vocal and guitar performances of the whole five tracks can be heard on this track. “Painkiller” is up next, with the most funky bass guitar riff I have heard in years providing the backbone to some killer guitar work, and another fantastically soulful vocal performance. Vocalist Luke MacKinnon has the kind of voice that aspiring vocalists would kill for. I am quite sure that he would have no problems pulling off any vocal style you happened to throw at him.


“The Rub” opens with a bouncy riff, which puts me in mind of Green Day’s “Hitchin’ a Ride”, but it is by no means a rip off of that song, in fact, it couldn’t be more different if it tried. The final track of this five song EP is “Dead Letter”, a song that is nowhere near as catchy or bouncy as any song before it, but is still just as good. “Dead Letter” is quite a moody song, with some thoughtful lyrics in place, it is a nice closer to a very good collection of songs.


Going back to my comment about Dead Cells being hard working, they already have plans for EP number 2, which is planned for later in 2012. I look forward to hearing what they come up with next



Review posted l3 May 2012