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The Marsh Chapel Experiment



By Shayne Bishop


It’s always good when I put a CD by a band I have never heard before, into my stereo, and almost instantly fall in love with what I am hearing.


Arkayan have given me that feeling with their brand new, six track EP, “The Marsh Chapel Experiment”.


Coming from Perth, Western Australia, Arkayan have a progressive rock sound, reminiscent of Tool or Porcupine Tree, and would make the perfect touring partner to the likes of Australia’s own Dead Letter Circus, or the aforementioned international progressive metal titans, Tool.


“The Marsh Chapel Experiment” opens with “Ganglion” which is a fairly gentle song. The marvellous harmonies provided by Rachellina Santella are the absolute focus point of this track. The almost atmospheric nature of Arkayan’s music continues into “Scarecrow”. This is the highlight of the EP for me. The vocals of Jonathon Mazzardis are faultless, and perfectly complemented by more harmonies from Rachellina. Musically, the band is very tight, and obviously put a lot of time and effort into developing their songs.


Track three, “Cincinatti Time Waste” and track five “The Mentauk Chair” are more of the same sound, but that’s not to say that the CD is becoming boring. In fact, I am really enjoying the fact that this band has found their sound, and are quite comfortable to stick to what they do best, but track four, “Chundle!” is a pleasant and welcome surprise. “Chundle!” is a fantastic three and a half minute instrumental, complete with rock solid guitar riffs and a very tight rhythm section. The final track of the “The Marsh Chapel Experiment” is “Drapetomama”. It is once again firmly in line with Arkayan’s sound, and makes for a great way to close this set out.


Arkayan could possibly have quite an exciting future ahead of them, and I hope that they come to play shows in Melbourne some time very soon.



Review posted l3 May 2012