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By Todd Jolicouer


Wish I could say this was a return to form for Warrant, but I can’t. For it to be a return to form, it would have to equal a previous effort. Sorry to say, but the Down Boys have far exceeded anything done previously. Sure, it’s a different band and dynamic with Robert Mason at the vocal helm, but whatever he did, he has helped original members Jerry Dixon, Erik Turner, Joey Allen, and Steven Sweet steer this ship in the right direction.


‘Sex Ain’t Love’ is a killer way to open this disc, quickly harkening back to a different time in our lives, when we didn’t know the difference, nor did we care!! This song has been played out live for a while by the band and is killer live.


My favorite is next up – ‘Innocence Gone.’ While talking to Steven, we laughed about how I listen to this song and am instantly transported to the back seat of a car in 1986. He commented that I get to be devirginized every time I hear it. ‘Snake’ is a song that harkens back to classic Warrant with Joey’s guitar work and solid playing from the rest of the guys.


Next is ‘Dusty’s Revenge’ which has an Uncle Tom’s Cabin feel to it. See the trend? They kept their feet firmly planted in 2011 while remembering their roots and what helped propel them to where they are now. We all have that special place in our hearts – that place we call ‘Home.’ I think this song says it all – it is the perfect song to help you remember what is important. That special person and memory makes everyplace home… it’s not about the building, but the people and places.


Next up is ‘What Love Can Do’ – and it is a keeper. It’s like the guys looked deep inside me and wrote about every break up or fight I ever had with a woman. The introspection doesn’t end there. ‘Life’s A Song’ really drives home the message that these guys have walked the walk, talked the talk, and have come out on the other side to tell us about it. ‘Show Must Go On’ and ‘Cocaine Freight Train’ are solid rockers that keep the album flowing and the pace up. The latter really showcases the drumming of Steven Sweet, as he uses his kit to help you imagine the running of a train across the tracks of your mind.


Slowing the tempo, ‘Found Forever’ is next. This song helps Robert spread his vocal wings and show us what he can do – and it’s quite the show. Lifted right out of the 80’s we have big choruses and “hookers and whores” in the song ‘Candy Man.’ After the fun of the flashback, we are brought to probably the most modern of all the tunes on the disc, ‘Sunshine.’ It is a heavier and slower groove. Never really thought these guys could pull it off, but they did – and well.


‘Tears In The City’ rings of a man on the road waiting to get home to his life and love. Album closer, ‘The Last Straw’ is a fitting end. This songs rocks us home while reminding us that we must never give up on our dream and goals… hell, Rockaholic is living proof that the Warrant guys never gave up. And thank God for that!!!