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Mick Box – Guitar, Vocals
Trevor Bolder – Bass, Vocals
Bernie Shaw – Lead Vocals
Phil Lanzon – Keyboards, Vocals
Russell Gilbrook – Drums, Vocals

Track Listings
"Nail on the Head"
"I Can See You"
"Into the Wild"
"Money Talk"
"Trail of Diamonds"
"Southern Star"
"I'm Ready"
"T-bird Angel"
"Kiss of Freedom"


Uriah Heep are a British progressive rock band formed in London, England in 1969.

Into the Wild is their 23rd studio album and this is a fantastic CD of epic proportions. Mick Box and the boys must have sold there soul’s to rock and roll to keep coming up with such quality songs after a career that spans an incredible six decades with only one line-up change in the last twenty five years. From start to finish there isn’t one bad track on here.


"Nail on the Head" the opening track just oozes quality rock with fine vocals from Bernie Shaw and a cool beat well they have certainly hit the nail on the head to a fine opener. "I Can See You" has that cool big 70’s stadium retro sound with big guitar and keyboards.


"Trail of Diamonds" starts off like a 80’s power ballad, but the rises into song that would grace the stage of any rock opera with its sermon like vocals with backing vocals that almost sound like a choir of angels.

"Believe" this is the without doubt the finest track on the cd and the heaviest. This is heavy rock at its best and just proves that a band has seasoned as these guys can still make great tunes. "T-bird Angel" makes you feel like putting the top down on your car on a sunny day putting your shades on and drive till you run out of fuel, this is the cd’s feel good track, it has that early California driving sound smeared all over it.


"Kiss of Freedom" is the closing track on the album and if there is one weak track, then this would have to be it, I would have liked to have heard this track halfway through the track listings and would have liked to have closed with the track "Money Talk" because it leaves you wanting more and would have been a better cd to close with.


Into The Wild is without a doubt a classic and is one of my top 10 cd’s of the year so far they say that band sometimes get a second wind in there careers, but these men of rock must be on there 4th or even 5th wind by now and long may it continue. Uriah Heep have a style of music that they have been playing for years but somehow they seem to keep it sounding very fresh with a crisp sharp edge to it if you like old school rock / Deep Purple / early Rainbow / Emerson Lake & Palmer then get this cd it’s a monster!


Reviewed by Paul