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By Metal Billy


Floridian quintet Trivium return with their 5th LP "In Waves" and don't disappoint with an album chock full of great riffs and memorable choruses that will have you subconsciously screaming IN WAVES before you stop to make sure you aren't shouting out loud.

Opening with a disjointed piano and drum intro that is crushed by Matt Heafy screaming out the title track with riffs aplenty and a tasty wa-wa solo in amongst the blast beats of new drummer Nick Augusto, all is well in the world of Trivium as Inception of the End, Watch The World Burn and a track The Het would be proud of - Black, get your head banging and the feet tapping in a double kick frenzy.

Heafy's vocals range from the death growl of the early days through to his mid range Hetfield rasp to very clean and melodic which is one of the band's appeal , with Bassist Paolo G providing his throaty echo through out. The playing is not as overly technical as predecessor Shogun and the song lengths have been shortened to better effect with great melodic choruses such as Built To Fall and Caustic are the Ties That Bind.

Heafy and Cory Beaulieu produce some excellent dual solo moments and the tunes have an urgency and passion that many bands fail to convey.

If you are going to buy this CD spend the extra bucks on the 'special' edition which has extra tracks and a cover of Sepultura's Slave New World , plus the excellent Shattering the Skies Above from the God of War 3 soundtrack and a DVD thingy.

Trivium are lining up to take over the No. 1 ranking in the Metal World when (unthinkably ) the likes of Maiden, Metallica et al hang up their plectrums and delivering 5 albums in 9 years is an excellent output from an ever improving outfit.


Add to the fact that these guys ALWAYS come to Australia more than once on a tour cycle and there is something to celebrate amongst the raft of cancellations this year

(SW12 ?? so they say) .... up there for Album of the Year in my book.