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Not often a CD drops that is fun front to back, while throwing in a few ditties to make you think a little.  That has happened here on the newest release from Theory Of A Deadman.  One listen and there is no question how these guys got the opening slot on the Carnival of Madness 2011 tour.  The Truth Is… I can’t stop listening to this disc.


The first single, “Lowlife,” opens this album.  You have to listen to any song that opens with “You know I’ll be the one who gets falling down drunk at the neighbor kids’ soccer game.”  The song helps point out that there is a little Lowlife is each of us.  “Bitch Came Back” is a perfect follow-up.  The ode to relationship reconciliation gone wrong hits fast, but so light and fun, the melody is from a children’s song (per our interview with Tyler).  Following that is another killer tune.  “Hurricane” is that song letting the other person know how you feel during the breakdown of a relationship, but it does it so nicely, you don’t really realize what the song is about until you check out the lyrics.  A great love song, “Out Of My Head,” hit home for me.  Tyler croons about the different things that make that special someone stick out in your head and heart.  Another great song that makes you feel good – you will find yourself singing this one.  If you get your hands on the deluxe version of the CD, you will get an acoustic version of this song.


“Gentleman” picks up where “Lowlife” left off.  Tyler tells it like it is - girls don’t really want a gentleman, they want a bad boy they can fix.  Nothing else really need be said about this song, except I really dig it!  The next song, “Love Is Hell,” is another “I’ve been done wrong” song, but the killer guitar riff laced through out the song makes it seems less like a sad song!  Keeping in the vein of “Lowlife” and “Gentleman” is the little ditty, “The Truth Is…”  This song puts all the cards on the table and puts an end to the guessing game.  Tyler tells it like it either is or was.  Nothing like telling someone “The truth is, it was all pretend.”  He goes on to explain that “you never all that hot in the first place” or “all along I was sleeping with your best friend.”  This is the song for any guy done wrong who never got to tell her off before she walked out the door.  The next song, “Head Above Water” is another song that helps demonstrate that is doesn’t matter how bad things are or how bleak the outlook is, you can come out the other side as long as you can indeed keep your head above water.


A great riff and some awesome skin bashing kicks “Drag Me To Hell” off in the right direction.  Tyler sings his way through this one and you really feel his pent up energy that pushed him to exclaim that “I finally figured out you were evil all along.”  Yep, this is another song that is not only great for the listener, but probably just as soothing and consoling to Tyler.  “What Was I Thinking” takes you back and lets you reminisce on what happened in a situation or relationship and ask yourself what you were thinking.  I guess hindsight really is 20/20, eh Tyler?  Once you are done with the reflection of “What Was I Thinking,” one may come to the conclusion that everything was done because it was “Easy To Love You”.  This song, which is also given a more acoustic treatment on the deluxe version really is a song that I was able to take to heart and help me evaluate relationships in my past and especially my present.  ”We Were Men” is about the only song that doesn’t fit with the recurring theme of love gone wrong on this disc, but give it a listen… and then thank a veteran – Tyler sure did!!!


This disc is the next progression for Theory Of A Deadman and I for one cannot wait to see what they give us next…


By Todd