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A five star review is not something I give to many CD's.  Even some of my all time favorite discs would not rank this high, but quite simple put, Theocracy's new release "As The World Bleeds" is a masterpiece.  A true work of art.  Theocracy is a five piece prog rock band out of Athens, Georgia.  ATWB is the third release from this band, and the first to feature a full line-up.  Their sound could be compared to bands like Stratovarius or Symphony X but in my opinion, much more refined.  Even the casual listener can enjoy this CD without getting bored, as sometimes happens with prog bands.



The musicianship on this disc is top notch, and the songs are very well put together.  As amazing as the songs and musicians are, it's the lyrical writing that puts this CD over the top.  Singer and songwriter Matt Smith is a genius.  His writing is very deep and meaningful, and very clever at times.  It needs to be noted that Theocracy's message, is steeped in Christian views, and stories.   Opening track "I Am" is one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard.  Clocking in at eleven minutes, the song is so good, you hardly notice.   "Hide In The Fairytale" is one of the most lyrically clever takes written on the inherit sinful nature of man, and can really make you stop and think about your life.  However, even if Christian music is not your thing, this CD is well worth picking up just for the musical value.  I personally get a lot out of Matt's writing, and believe it needs to be heard.



The production on the CD is also near perfect.  Matt's vocals are soaring, and are some of the best I've heard in a long time.  Fortunately, they seem to be making some waves worldwide, which is good, as a band this good should not be overlooked.



In conclusion, if you like bands like Stratovarius or even Nightwish, pick up this CD.  I guarantee you'll find that it'll be in regular rotation for quite some time.  And if you have been looking for a Christian rock band that doesn't sound like all of the other run of the mill bands on the market, this bands for you.



Check out their website  Sign up for their Club Of Souls, and download the Christmas songs the band has done over the years.  Not traditional songs, but ones written by the band, and include two that are actually very funny.




By Michael D'Avignon