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The Scarlets




Well I didn’t quite expect to have that much fun!

Hearing of Melbourne’s The Scarlets late last year from a friend in the US and listening to a few songs I knew that they would be a band I would like, and I stuck them away in my ‘bands to check out’ more list.  I think it was when I heard one of the tracks on their first EP called: ‘Dirty Rock Baby’ that I really got interested and hit them up for an interview.But sometimes a track here and there isn’t a real measure of a band and I guess in retrospect I only really had a glimpse of the band that they are.

But seeing them this weekend live, I really wish I had dug a little deeper at the time. It just goes to show that it’s really not until you see a band on stage and hear more of their catalogue that you really get to appreciate that sometimes there is far more than at first meets the eye.

Heading over to Perth for a flying visit of just three dates to promote their new ‘Bombshell’ EP the guys finally got the chance to check out the West Coast and play with some great local talent.
We caught them on the Friday at the Rocket Room and also on Sunday in Fremantle, a date which just so happened to mark their second birthday as a band.
So what is all the fuss about?

Great sounding, bursting with energy, this is punk flavored modern rock music that just doesn’t let up. It’s loud, it’s rude, it’s full of life with some great sing along hooks. Dirty punky party rock anthems for a new generation… The Scarlets



Tonight we just catch a glimpse of openers 10 past 6, whose upbeat pop punk concoction only hints at what we will see on Sunday. 


So it’s Diamond Eye, themselves on the verge of an Eastern States EP launch, that hit the stage armed with an impressive new song and all the usual swagger. This may only be a warm up show for the jaunt east but the boys know how to pack a punch, and despite Will’s guitar string going in the first song, there’s a quick recovery and a set of familiar favourites that warm up the growing crowd. I won’t spoil it for those of you going to the official EP launch but their new song is well worth checking out.

It’s the third up act the Corner though that take me by surprise, not having heard their music live before it’s nice to come to a band completely fresh and open minded and quite frankly I’m more than a little impressed.


The Corner

The Corner


Few three pieces can come out as in your face and confident as these guys and remain convincing for the entire set. The Corner manages it with a sound that is both intense and genre defying, though with obvious influences from Punk to Grunge to SKA and every shade between. It’s a great introduction to the band we’ve been waiting for.

The Scarlets are literally just off the plane from Melbourne, and so you could expect tonight’s show to be a little rough around the edges but it isn’t at all. Right from the off they bristle with energy and the stage immediately seems too small for them. The room has been filling up over the course of the evening and even though there’s still room for a few more by the time they hit the stage you can see the crowd getting into it. I expect to see a lot more next time they venture this way just on the basis of word or mouth.

The Scarlets aren’t quite what you expect though, after hearing a few tracks I certainly got the impression that we were in for something special but didn’t realise quite how good they would be. There’s much more punk and attitude in the mix in the live show and so much more energy. As a front woman Nellie is captivating and manages to negotiate what look like a tricky pair of heels on Rocket Room’s small stage. Nick throws his moves into the mix and the band cranks it. There’s a glorious lack of anything that might want to make the listener slow down, the first few songs let rip with no introductions, including an early airing for my favourite ‘Dirty Rock Baby’ and there are NO slow numbers.     

By the end of the night I realise I’ve taken only about 50 shots of the band, now to me that is the sign of a good show.


10 Past 6

10 Past 6



The show at the Newport tonight ups the ante. We get a chance to watch all the bands and it turns out to be a great night and a helluva party to celebrate what we now know is The Scarlet’s second birthday. Last night the band picked up a show down the road at the Norfolk and even though there was no real publicity and a small turn out Nelli tells me they had a great time. It’s clear that they are loving their time in the West and the feeling is mutual, we’re certainly hoping to see them over this way again after they return from their November tour of Germany.

Tonight 10 Past 6 open with a bang, it’s a real shame that there’s not more in to see them as what we get is a great set of songs that are a wonderful mix of punk, hard rock and hardcore, and all this with a stand-in guitarist! There’s a lot of potential for these guys, they are fun to watch, engage the crowd well and with Matt and Dylan on stage there’s plenty of movement! Look out for a full length CD in November. These guys do have the tunes, and we’ll certainly be checking them out for a review of their own.


Diamond Eye


Diamond Eye look a little weary tonight, well everyone except Chase, whose rock soldier persona never wavers on stage, and it’s perhaps the prospect of those Eastern states shows that make them seem a little subdued. Not that it effects their performance though, ‘Sound of The Guns’ a contender for the WAMI Song of The Year goes down well, with it’s Maidenesque leanings and the new song at second listen sounds even better. It’s a nice set and a good teaser for the official EP launch in October at the Amplifier.

The Corner is both rustier and more impressive at the same time tonight. The bands has such a variety of material from what you might consider to be punk tinged pop, through grunge to fiery alt rock, hell they even have a really cool slower song that sounds made for radio.

Singer Jase Le Scelle plays a mean guitar and the band as a three piece manages to pull off a bigger sound than most four pieces. But tonight is about the fun and at one point there are both members of the Scarlets and 10 Past 6 on the stage with the guys. Matt from 10 Past, even guests on bass on one of the songs, after a couple of minute’s tutoring from bassist
Mark Lebkuecher by the table tennis table where the Scarlets had earlier been showcasing their impressive lack of mastery of the sport!

This really is a band you should see, the guys from Rockingham really do have that vibe that makes you think something big could happen. So it’s a full stage and a blistering set that we’re left with before the main course.




Tonight will be a better set from the Scarlets Nelli tells me before the show, as she is not wearing her high heels, and she proves it later by covering every inch of the stage in a high energy show that ends up turning into a glouriously huge on stage party.

It’s been great to catch up with the guys tonight and learn a little more about the band and where they are coming from, and get a little more background on their range of influences that run through hardcore punk, metal and include names like Black Flag and Metallica.  What you do get from the band is a great vibe, these are a bunch of people that love what they are doing and are just incredibly genuine.

For me tonight is even better than the first show at the Rocket Room, and with a few pre-show beers under everyone's collective belt's there’s a looseness and spontaneity in the bands performance that just magnify’s the good points and leads them somewhere new. By the time they take to the stage the room is in party mode  and after the first few songs have been cranked out it seems everyone in the room is up for a really big night.


The Scarlets


Nelli again owns the stage, but tonight the whole band are on fire. Lizzie drives proceedings from behind the drum kit and you  get a glimpse of both her touch and ferocity! Nick and Nellie hold the show together and share the limelight, but tonight it’s Pete on guitar who really comes out of his shell, one minute he’s out in the crowd, the next he’s raised hight on shoulders and off again. It just seems to be one of those nights where it all comes together, whether its because it’s the last night, or the second birthday it doesn’t really matter.

With a set that includes the contents of the two EPs, that you really should be tracking down and adding to your collection, it’s hard to pick a highlight. For me it’s first EP tracks like ‘Liar Liar’ and “Run Away’ (and of course ‘Dirty Rock Baby’) that light up the night but almost every track from the new Bombshell EP shines especially the title track, ‘Witness’ and ‘Scapegoat’.


The Scarlets


What I like most about tonight though is the sheer energy and passion of the performance. The songs are firmly punk based, but it’s the punk and sleaze of Germany and Scandinavia and high energy bands like the Hives where I see the nearest comparisons, I mean there’s really a touch of everything here from Motley and Niki Sixx’s Brides of Destruction (better songs though) to Nirvana, but the sound is their own and it’s relentless rock and roll with NO SLOW ONES!

Throw in an Elvis cover and get the entire supporting cast of band members up on stage for a riotous encore. This is music how it is meant to be, everyone involved, everyone having fun and the sound cranked way past ten. Riotous dirty, sexy, rock and roll and one of my favourite shows of the year.  



By Mark Diggins


Thanks to Nelli, Nick, Pete and Lizzie for filling me in on the backstory, and for the shows. Also Jase Le Schelle for setting things up, and Tyler and Suz Crosbie for looking after the band!